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Would a Just God Send a Bullied
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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Mood:  irritated

I'm sick and tired of hearing about bullies ganging up on one helpless friendless kid and driving them to their death, then going on to live happy lives themselves with no remorse. Can anybody out there help me with this question?  A HYPOTHETICAL (fictional) mother has this son who hasn't yet heard about Jesus, but the boy is angry and bitter about being picked on every day in school.  The bullies torture him both emotionally and physically to the point of madness.  One churchgoing kid (who doesn't love Jesus much) joins in the bullying and urges the bullied kid to kill himself. Before you know it, all the churchgoing kids give in to the pressure to conform and either ostracize or actively persecute THE designated victim of the school. One day the whole crowd laughs at the boy when he exits the school building.  They chase him into the street where he gets hit by a big semi truck and dies.  Now for the IMPOSSIBLE question:

 The boy's mother is very angry and upset, naturally, about what happened to her son.  Some preacher tells her she just ought to "forgive" the bullies, even if her son is now in hell because he never got the chance to receive Christ.  The mother points out that many of the kids who hurt her son were churchgoers (not necessarily true Christians).  The preacher tells the mother that instead of being mad she should forgive those kids and pray for the souls of the bullies so THEY'LL get saved before they die.  Furthermore, even if some of the bullies were Christians they prayed to ask Jesus into their life so they get to go to heaven no matter how they act. The mother asks, If I forgive everybody, will God let my son out of hell in exchange for my mercy?  No, his judgment is final, the preacher says.  Then what do I get out of making it easy on the bullies?  the mother says.  THEY get to go on with their lives after killing MY son with their cheap fun.  And if Jesus saves them, they get to go to the same heaven they denied my son.  Where's the justice in that?

Posted by waronbullying at 10:59 AM EST
Updated: Thursday, 8 December 2011 11:12 AM EST

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