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Painting by Patricia Backora


I will meet them as a bear bereaved of her cubs,

and will rend the caul of their heart,

and there will I devour I them like a lion:

the wild beast shall tear them (Hos.13:8).







 Persecutors Will Be Punished


I am not obligated to bless cruel persecutors of Christian believers worldwide who torment and harass My children. The very worst bullies of all time are persecutors of Christians.   Many persecutors are idol worshippers who worship pagan idols representing various forces of nature.  These heathen idol worshippers angrily denounce their “lack of rights” in lands where Christ is worshipped, only to rip into My people in their own lands, denying Christians the right to worship Me in peace.  They wreak havoc and terror in the lives of their Christian neighbors, burning, looting, murdering, torturing, imprisoning, raping and speaking evil of people I have sanctified with My own precious blood.  Those who slander the people of God shall have their part with all other liars in the Lake of Fire which burns forever with coals of sulfur (Rev.21:8).


I would have you to know that I, the Lord Most High, Creator of heaven and earth, have declared war on evil persecutors of My dear children.  I have laid a plumb line to measure the depths of their iniquity, and it is as deep as hell itself.  This diabolical persecution of My people shall be recompensed blood for blood by the Hand of God, with no further restraint of mercy. Persecutors have rejected the Lord Jesus, My only Atonement for sin, and the nakedness of their foul deeds is fully exposed in My sight. 

Century after century I have patiently provided for Christ-hating heathens with the same faithfulness as Christians have been blessed with food in this earth (Matt.5:45). But I am fed up to the point of nausea by what I see happening today in idol-worshipping lands.  If idolatrous peoples won’t glorify Me by receiving My spiritual blessings, they shall no longer be blessed with My material gifts either.  The beginning stages of My divine wrath shall shortly be manifested in the withholding of life-giving rains from lands where Christians are hounded and persecuted.  My anger shall manifest in floods of terrible judgment sweeping away crops from the homelands of persecutors who glorify satanic idols. I shall break each oppressor in pieces and lay him low for his sin (Psalms 72:4; Isa.13:11).

My face is turning against persecutors of believers, so that I favor them with tender mercies no more. I have called for a blight upon crops planted by enemies of Christian believers, so that the tender kernels of grain in the husk are smitten by rot and fungus before they have the chance to mature (Deut.28:22). I have called for swarms of devouring insects and birds to gobble up whatever is left.  But upon those who bless My people, My blessing shall rest.  In the day of judgment I shall remember to show mercy to those heathen who had pity upon My people, even as I spared Rahab the Harlot and her family from destruction when I destroyed the city of Jericho (Joshua 6:17).

All who refuse to take shelter beneath the covering of the Blood of Christ are exposed to every curse written in the Book of the Law (Deuteronomy Chapter 28). Deadly disease pandemics, horrible destructive weather, and defeat in battle are all promised to lands which reject My Word and refuse My righteousness.  You can produce no righteousness of your own.  If you stubbornly reject the righteousness of My dear spotless son, you automatically lay yourself naked and bare under the stroke of My judgment from heaven. If I judged Israel, the only nation righteous before Me, in the days wherein they had a far more difficult covenant to walk in, how much more severe will be My dealings with a perverse people who refuse My lighter yoke of the New Covenant, and trample underfoot the sufferings My dear Son endured to save each and every one of you (Heb.10:29)! All those who hate My Son are anathema (accursed) already (Matt.25:41; John 3:18; I Cor.16:22).

I have even cursed the forces of nature affecting areas populated by persecutors.  I have called for violent winds to stir in the oceans and trouble those who have troubled MY elect. I have promised to bless those who bless MY people and curse those who curse them (Gen.12:3; Rom.12:19; 2Thes.1:6; Rev.6:10).

I will pour out due retribution upon all who hate Me (Deut.32:41). My arrows are readied upon My bowstring, and I have ordained them to strike at the hearts of My persecutors in fearful judgments as I punish the earth for its wickedness (Psalms 7:13; 45:5; Isa.13:11). The wages of sin is eternal death (Rom.6:23). Either My Son Jesus pays for your sin as you place your faith in His sacrifice, or YOU, the sinner, must pay the price of your rebellion against the Lord God. The choice is yours.

Many are furious with Christian evangelists because My faithful ones proclaim there is only ONE Way to salvation, not many ways (John 14:6), and that One Way is Christ Jesus and Him alone.  Salvation is to be found in none other (Acts 4:12). As Jesus prophesied long ago, His messengers have faithfully gone out into the highways and byways to call men to My great banquet, but they are being stoned, tormented and killed (Matt.22:1-14). Many believe wrongfully that I will forever allow this to go on without due retribution being poured out upon these murderers of My elect.  But even My gentle Son warned that the King will send forth His armies to burn up the city of those who reject His messengers.  This particular judgment of supernatural fire will be especially manifest during the Tribulation Period (Rev.8:7; 8:8; 9:18;11:5; 16:8; 17:16; 18:8). The two witnesses of Revelation will be under special divine protection until their missions on earth are finished and they die their appointed deaths (Rev.11:3-12). But they will be resurrected to immortality, as will all My mortal saints.

So many heathen refuse to accept Christ out of fear their families and neighbors will no longer accept THEM if they forsake cherished gods and cultural beliefs.  Often it comes down to stark choices: You must choose either life or death, salvation or damnation.  Many go with the flow toward eternal destruction because majority opinion is on satan’s side.  And if any member of the community dares to yield to the gentle conviction of the Holy Spirit and receive Christ as Savior, the full wrath of his peer groups comes crashing down upon his head. 

Bullies of all types, including persecutors, hide beneath the shelter of their like-minded peer group. Cowardly beasts who call themselves strong men gang up together on frightened Christians, little old men and women, even children. They know they can’t possibly lose because they’re too chicken to fight anybody who is big and strong enough to be a fair match with themselves.  But I am strapping on My sword of divine wrath even now, and I will put a great many persecutors into a well-deserved grave before too long. Some will appear to be healthy and will go about “life as usual” when I withdraw My gift of life from them. Some will expire before they even awaken. Others will fall prey to all sorts of evil, because I will give satan permission to take them out of this world, since they have repeatedly rejected My free offer of eternal salvation in Christ and finally alienated forever My Spirit of Grace.

Dogs get what falls beneath the children’s table (Matt.15:27).  In My mercy I have seen to it that even the very worst of mankind get their fair share of what it takes to sustain life.  But I will even sweep away the crumbs before the miserable persecutor dogs can lick them up. And whereas persecutors, like all bullies, found reassurance, protection and identity within their detestable groups, on the Day of Judgment each vile sinner shall be forced to stand all alone to appear before Me, unshielded by fake friends  and wide open to the full outpouring of My unrestrained, terrible wrath.

How easy to faint in the day of battle, how strong the temptation to just try and get along with everybody, regardless of the final cost. Some so-called evangelists will bend over backwards to avoid conflict.  At the first sign they might have “offended” someone, they’ll hurry to ask that one’s forgiveness for being “confrontational” in presenting My warnings about sin and its eternal consequences. Out of sheer peer pressure and a desire to make “love” the primary goal in preaching, the preacher will “tone down” his/her message and decide to “build bridges” (to hell) by “modifying their position” and “mollifying their tone”.  This type of “kindler, gentler approach” usually entails a gross watering down of the true gospel message of redemption whose reason for being is: God, being perfectly just as well as merciful, MUST punish sin (which some say no longer exists anyway). But where can “common ground” be found with satan’s teachings?  What concord hath Christ with Belial (2 Cor.6:15)?

In their haste to “build bridges” and “respect cultural diversity”, flawed evangelists get swept away to perdition on a tide of compromise.  Conveniently “toned down” is the heart of the Gospel message:  God sent His own Son to earth to take the place of sinners in receiving God’s just wrath against sin on the Cross of Calvary. Instead, a nice-sounding heresy is interjected into the muddy mess compromising preachers have made of My Gospel: the inherent goodness of all men, which is clearly refuted in My Word (Isa.64:6).

Only because of Calvary can I justly forgive repentant sinners and regenerate them from spiritual death to newness of life (2 Cor.5:17; Rom.6:4).  One big nice-sounding lie making its rounds is this: “All people are God’s sons and daughters and He loves them all equally.” That is false! Is it not recorded in My Word that I hated Esau and loved Jacob (Rom.9:13).

Only in the sense of being a created product of My hand, like angels are, can a sinner LOOSELY define himself as a child of God. All unbelievers are My enemies, not My sons and daughters, and I am alienated from them by their sin nature inherited from Adam (I Cor.15:22; James 4:4).   Only through the new birth and washing of regeneration do people become My true children (John 3:3-8;Titus 3:5).  Only then am I able to receive people into My Kingdom as My own dear sons and daughters.  On no other basis except repentance toward God and faith in My Son Jesus can I justly forgive sin (Acts 20:21).  Yet  many “evangelists” will placate their audiences and insinuate strongly that there just might be other paths to heaven.  Some will even “do as the Romans do when in Rome” and substitute pagan words for Biblical terminology in their message: the heathen nirvana for heaven, Allah for the Hebrew Yahweh, etc. A few even dare to “make Christ more relevant” by stripping Him of His virgin birth and His  unique position as My only-begotten Son, as being of divine origin!  Some “missionaries” feel like they’ve done their duty if all they teach is the “love” of God, minus judgment and justice satisfied in the atonement of Christ. By ridding the Cross of its offense (Gal.5:11), missionaries can escape serious persecution altogether (Gal.6:12). Compromising with the prevailing world view saves a lot of pain and anguish, doesn’t it?  The road to hell is a broad, smooth road packed with people more afraid of offending other people than angering Me.

But no, it’s NOT all right for My missionaries to stop telling the heathen that only Christ can save souls from going to hell.  There are NOT thousands of different roads leading to the Paradise of the Righteous.  It isn’t love to insinuate that “God must use what He has” even if it’s the ways of the heathen that are diametrically opposed to My Word (Jere.10:2).  “Putting a positive spin” on sin is a cowardly copout.

All religious roads lead to hell, not heaven.   The true faith of the Lord Jesus Christ is NOT a religion, it’s a relationship, a blood covenant of peace with God purchased by the precious Blood of the Lamb (I Pet.1:18-19). Cain, history’s first murderer who killed his own brother,  tried an “alternative path” to a God alienated by the sin of man. But I rejected both him and his sacrifice, which was not offered according to My clear instructions.  It is the BLOOD which makes atonement for sin, not a pile of vegetables (Gen.4:3-5; Lev.17:11). Those who reject the precious blood of Christ lay themselves wide open to My judgment (John 3:18). Those who already KNOW (and fear) that they’re wrong but are too stubborn to admit it tend to get angry and take it out on My missionaries.  Under MY future thousand-year Reign, the Word shall go forth freely from Jerusalem (Isa.2:3). In My day shall be abundance of peace and truth (Isa.11:9). Today it’s the wicked who are fearless in spreading satan’s propaganda, and who create trouble to intimidate the righteous into keeping silent. Tomorrow it’s the SINNER who shall hide his/her head in shame.  Tomorrow the unbeliever will be the social outcast, not the righteous. The wicked shall be cast off the earth into outer darkness, that they may enjoy darkness to the full (I Sam.2:9; Matt.22:13). All nations who oppress the righteous shall be cast down into the pits of hell (Ezek.32:23). Those who terrify the innocent shall be damned forever and chained forever in dungeons of darkness. But My people shall be clothed in glory and honor.  The light of the Lord their God shall shine round about them (Isa. 60:1,19).

Just as a bug is squashed beneath the weight of a man’s footstep, so shall I crush those who have crushed My people. The infinitely long duration of the punishment of persecutors will reflect the foulness of their evil deeds and the fury I hold toward them.  It will be made manifest to all witnesses in heaven and earth that the dirty deeds of persecutors were worthy of eternal punishment.  Because the sin of persecutors is infinitely loathsome in My sight, the punishment of persecutors must be infinite in duration and intensity. Before all the universe I shall show how precious My people are to Me, and how fearful the penalty is for destroying them.

I have sent forth My servants to bid the people of all created nations to come to the Fount of Cleansing and be reconciled to their Maker (Zech.13:1; Rom.5:10).  But in response, many of My servants have been hacked to pieces and broken to bits. Christian gatherings have been subject to attacks of violence.  Native peoples who receive Christ often suffer heartbreaking acts of violence.  They’re subjected to unrelenting emotional and physical abuse from hostile neighbors who cling to their traditional belief systems and hate defectors from their cultural religions. As the Tribulation hour nears, satan realizes his time is short (Rev.12:12).  He knows (and fears) that  I shall shortly deal with him once and for all to break his stranglehold on Planet Earth and send him to the Lake of Fire to be imprisoned there, unable to interfere further in the affairs of man (Rev.20:10). The devil hates Me so much, he gets back at Me through hurting My children who love Me.  But  I have already reassured My people that I have ALREADY won the final victory and though satan rages, he cannot win. While their unrepentant tormentors burn in eternal hellfire, My persecuted people shall be resurrected to reign as princes, kings and priests under Christ their eternal King (Isaiah 32:1; 2 Tim.2:12; Rev.1:6;5:10).

Many faithful missionaries have been badly broken in heart and bruised in body by severe persecution.  So much so that their health has been ruined to the point where they have had to flee back to their homelands to recuperate.  I have said in My Word, if those to whom you are sent will not receive you in peace and welcome the preaching of My Gospel, shake off the very dust of that place from off your feet and leave them to their fate (Mark 6:11).  Once you’ve warned them, you are innocent of their blood (Ezekiel 3:18-19; Acts 20:26-27). Truly I tell you, Sodom and Gomorrah shall fare better in the Day of Judgment than any land which rejects My Son (Matt.10:14-15). Any land which kills and abuses My servants and insults My Holy Spirit of Grace will be miserably destroyed at My Second Coming (Matt.21:33-41;22:7). In Luke 19:27 my gentle son Jesus warns that the day is coming when mercy toward His enemies will be no more, and those who would not submit to His righteous rule will be killed right in front of Him.  Revelation 14:10 warns that someday wicked men and women will be tortured with fire and burning sulfur in the presence of the Lamb of God and His angels.  Beware of toying with My patience, forbearance and grace, or you’ll get for-BEAR-ance instead, just like persecutors of Elisha got for-BEAR-ance from angry bears which pounced on them out of the forest (2 Kings 2:23-24).

What you sow, you’ll surely reap (Gal.6:7). In Acts chapter 7 the martyr Stephen prayed, in effect, that his murderers would have a crop failure for the damage they did him.  But these evil violent men honestly thought they were doing Me service by killing him, as they did when they killed Christ (John 16:2; Acts 3:17).  For his sake I restrained My hand of vengeance and allowed those vile murderers to live awhile longer, though the vast majority of them still ended up going to hell for refusing to be cleansed in the blood of Jesus (Rev.7:14).

However, I see a far filthier attitude at work today, a DELIBERATE defiance of Jesus and His loving grace, a slap in the face of divine love.  Christians feed their poorer neighbors.  Christian missionaries set up clinics to help the sick. They run feeding stations to minister to hungry children.  What recompense are they getting now, except they and their converts are being cursed and hounded by rebellious idolaters?  I have promised in My Holy Word that those who repay good with evil will never have evil depart from their houses (Prov.17:13). Yet I shall have mercy upon those in the land who sigh and cry in mourning for the abominations being committed against the Lord Jesus Christ and His people (Ezek.9:4).  Did I not spare the men of Nineveh when they repented in sackcloth and ashes and made a mighty cry of repentance unto the Lord (Jonah 3:10)?  I would even have had mercy upon wicked Sodom if they could have seen the signs and wonders performed by Jesus Christ and repented in acknowledgment of His Lordship (Matt.11:23).

There is more than one category of sinner. Some will see evidence after evidence of the love of Jesus in their midst and will still not repent.  Why?  Some sinners are vessels of destruction appointed to perdition through their own hardness of heart (Rom.9:22). Others are capable of repentance and very likely to repent if they hear the Good News of My salvation and have the seed of My Word planted in their heart (Matt.13:23).  Some sinners will be punished far more harshly in hell than others (Luke 12:47-48). I draw a clear distinction between those who “know not what they do” (Luke 23:34) and sinners who are fully AWARE they’re resisting the Holy Spirit and trampling underfoot the precious blood of Christ (Heb.10:29). Therefore, My wrath is greatly kindled to the uttermost (I Thes.2:16). It shall come to pass shortly that in flaming fire I shall take vengeance upon My adversaries (2 Thes.1:6-9).  Just like a simmering pot eventually boils over if more kindling wood is piled underneath to feed the flame, My wrath is about to boil over in this generation of vipers who do know what they’re doing in rebelling against the preaching of the gospel.

Paul the apostle, a former persecutor of believers, obtained mercy because he “did it ignorantly and in unbelief” (I Tim.1:13).  Paul KNEW NOT WHAT HE DID. Unrepentant Caiaphas and Annas, two vicious, unjust men in the Levitical priesthood, DELIBERATELY murdered My dear Son and betrayed Him to the Romans, fully aware that He was innocent (Matt.27:17-18; John 11:49; 18:13; Acts 4:6; 7:52).

After Jesus  ascended back up to heaven, those two cowardly beasts tortured and harassed Christ’s followers, sparing neither man nor woman, old people nor children from gruesome death (Acts 22:4). Vicious persecutors took their jealousy and anger out on Jesus’ disciples after His resurrection and departure to heaven.  This, despite the evidence of a Temple veil torn top to bottom, signifying that the Way into the Holiest had been opened by the offering of My innocent Sacrifice for sin (Matt.27:51; Heb.10:19-20). As the chief priests of Israel, Annas and Caiaphas should have understood the sheer significance of the tearing of the veil which separated mortal men from a just and Holy God.  The veil was woven of very dense fabric and only a miracle could have caused it to tear in the manner it did.  But these arrogant, wicked men had, during Christ’s lifetime, often taunted Him and dared Him to produce spectacular miracles to prove His divinity.  But even after many hundreds of healing miracles, it never was enough to convince them. Those persuaded against their will are of the same opinion still. Even the resurrection of Lazarus from the dead failed to soften the hardened hearts of Christ’s foes. Lazarus’ body had been moldering in the grave for four days after his death, in a hot climate without preservatives. But Christ raised this man up healthy and hole.  Instead of glorifying God for this unspeakably great miracle and acknowledging it as proof conclusive that God was walking in their midst,  wicked religious leaders plotted to kill Lazarus to get rid of the evidence of Christ’s miracle-working power (John 12:10-11).

After Christ’s resurrection many Old Testament saints rose from the grave and appeared to many in Jerusalem (Matt.27:52-53). Christ’s resurrected body was seen by over 500 eye witnesses (I Cor.15:6). But those evil religious leaders who persecuted Christ hardened their heart against believing in Christ, despite multitudinous  miraculous proofs of His divine origin and proof of His Lordship over death, hell and the grave. Ananias and Caiaphas were so deranged and vindictive they even paid heathen guards to lie and claim that Christ’s resurrected body had really been stolen by His disciples (Matt.28:12-13). They were so callous they tried to discredit the most amazing resurrection of all time: the perfect restoration of a mangled, torn, shredded body which had lain in a borrowed grave for three days and three nights.

My Word plainly states that even if someone were to rise from the dead, rebellious, hardened sinners would still not be persuaded to repent (Luke 16:31). Even if Christians in heathen lands were to raise the dead and make the lame to walk again, their wicked idolatrous persecutors would still torment and harass them. These dogs would still spit in the face of divine love.  The opinions of family and community members mean far more to them than their own souls.   They would still choose eternal damnation in hell rather than life in heaven as servants of Christ.

Ananias and Caiaphas may have been priests of Israel, but they rejected their own Maker, and spurned their own Deliverer from sin.  The chief religious leaders falsely attributed Jesus’ miracles to Beelzebub, chief of the devils.  They said Christ was motivated by an evil spirit (Matt.12:24). Jesus goes on to say that anyone who insults the Holy Spirit with such blasphemy is already PERMANENTLY doomed to eternal hell fire (Matt.12:31). Nothing is so easily lost as My mercy once it has been treated like rubbish and trampled underfoot repeatedly!

To the very end of their miserable, murderous, covetous, self-righteous lives, Annas and Caiaphas strove in vain to make their OWN way of righteousness which was not acceptable to Me (Rom.10:3). Those hardened rejecters of Christ are still burning in hell to this very day, cursing themselves for choosing the politically expedient path of self-exaltation and unbelief during their ruined lifetimes.

Most hardened blasphemers have heard the Gospel over and over again, via the airwaves, Internet, TV, and neighborhood witnesses.  They are utterly without excuse and are walking dead men facing an angry God of Judgment instead of a tender-hearted Savior.  Not only shall these vile, wicked persecutors reap what they sow, they shall reap a bountiful crop of curses in exchange for the curses they’ve heaped upon the heads of My loved ones. Woe, woe, woe unto these lands, for My Hour of Tribulation Wrath fast approaches when all restraints of love and mercy shall be removed, and My holy angels shall pour out great bowls of fierce, unrestrained wrath upon them! Just as I have reserved an incorruptible inheritance for My saints in heaven (I Pet.1:4)  I have reserved wrath for those who hate Me (Nahum 1:2).  Those who reject My grace shall have judgment instead of mercy, and that without measure.

Even now, in these last days before My appearing, I shall make known My displeasure toward unrepentant persecutors and their dwelling places. Some villages will be washed away by tropical storms.  In other places I will call for rivers to overflow their banks to sweep the wicked away in retribution for what they have done to My people (Jere.47:2; Nahum 1:8). Other areas hostile to the Gospel will be burnt up by a mercilessly hot sun.  Instead of life-giving rain and green, fertile fields, there shall be burning clouds of brown, drifting, choking dust. I have even called for heatwaves and hot, dry winds to blast areas hostile to Me, even as I caused freakish natural calamities to occur in Egypt before the departure of the Children of Israel.

The bowels of Planet Earth will convulse at My command and fire will spew from volcanic mountains, a prelude to the sulfurous torments of hell. Cattle will die in areas affected by My dire judgments, and only vultures will prosper in places which persecute Christians. Many throats shall be parched for want of clean drinking water. Drying mud shall drop out of water taps, then nothing. In vain will people turn to scientists for help to figure out ways to make it rain again. But all the knowledge (and money) of foreign aid donated by mankind will be insufficient to overcome the contrariness of  weather patterns I have cursed (Amos 4:7).

My servant Elijah was empowered to perform miracles which overruled nature itself.  He stopped it raining for three and a half years, and only through his intercessions did it start raining again in Israel (I Kings 18:41-45; James 5:17).  I’ll have you all know, I am still on the Throne and it is I alone Who bestow gifts of nature upon the earth.  I alone decide where rain and other blessings of nature are distributed upon the earth.  I, the Sovereign Lord Who created heaven and earth, have no need that anyone pray that I stop rain from falling upon a land.  I the Lord shall do this Myself apart from any prayers offered up by My servants. The Two Witnesses of Revelation will command such calamitous weather judgments to fall upon enemies of Christ everywhere (Rev.11:6). But  I will not place this burden upon any saint of the Church Age. It shall be done strictly through My own initiative and mighty power.

Yet despite the imminent divine chastisements these heathen will not repent for harming the Christians. Pharaoh wouldn’t listen to Moses and release My people from his oppression. So I stopped speaking words and spoke with an outpouring of terrible plagues upon Pharaoh’s kingdom. Even as the heathen idols of Egypt were powerless to protect Pharaoh and his people, the persecutors’ demonic gods will be unable to shield them from the awful catastrophes I shall pour out upon them. Yet, even in the day of judgment I will show Myself merciful  toward unconverted people who bless My people and show kindness toward them. Those who give a cup of cold water to someone because that person belongs to Me will in no way lose their reward (Matt.10:42).


Just as I warned wicked Pharaoh to stop oppressing My people, so now I warn persecutors in heathen lands to repent of hurting My Son and His Bride the Church.  If idolatrous persecutors resist the Lord and mock His message of warning, then the very worst natural disasters of all history shall strike their lands. All other natural judgments suffered in the past, with the exception of the Great Flood,  shall pale into insignificance as I curse the weather patterns affecting these lands.  Unbelievers  will starve and wither away, but I shall always provide for My own (Psalms 34:10; Isa.65:13).  Judgment will come to EVERY heathen oppressor of Christians, from the lowliest peasant to the king on the throne.  And I will cause their idolatrous images in their brightly colored heathen temples to come crashing down, even as the image of the Philistine god Dagon fell flat on its face before the Holy Presence of the True God of Israel (I Sam.5:3). And it shall come to pass, that instead of rejoicing at festivals in flowers and brightly colored silks, idol worshippers shall lay in the streets in drab garments of mourning, gnawing their parched tongues in agony and howling for vexation of spirit.


It is very dangerous to take My favor for granted, just because I have been slow to wrath and have shown forbearance toward unbelievers for so many long centuries.  I have held My peace and dealt with infinite restraint toward wicked men.  But that is now about to end forever. Beware of the roar of for-BEAR-ance which shall sound throughout the earth when I cry out loud in My indignation like a travailing woman (Isa.42:13-14) and tear unrepentant men to pieces like an angry bear robbed of her cubs (Hosea 13:8). I will bereave wicked men who have bereaved My people and filled their hearts with anxiety and sorrow. I will ROAR through the land like a furious cyclone, sparing no one who hates My Son and His people.


My mercy is everlasting upon those who reverence Me (Psalms 103:17). But I owe NO ONE any grace (unmerited favor). Contrary to popular belief, the phrase “God’s infinite mercy” is found nowhere in Scripture.  My patience toward sinners, though long,  does definitely have an end. Those who are tormented by persecutors can rest assured that end is finally in sight. I will finally remove the reproach of My people from off the earth, and they shall be honored everywhere when I am King (Isa.25:8).


When I arise to take vengeance on the heathen, My people shall rejoice (Psalms 58:10). When I judge unrepentant sinners, it will be total deliverance and the culmination of salvation for My righteous children (Psalms 76:9). Then shall the earth rest and be at peace, when the wicked cease to create trouble in the earth (Isa.14:7).  My loved ones shall dwell in perfect safety and enjoy perfect tranquility of mind when I rule as King over this now-troubled planet (Ezek.34:25). I will make evil beasts to cease out of the earth, whether they be two-footed or four-footed beasts.


The day is dawning when I will no longer  make it rain upon both the just and the unjust (Zech.14:17).  It is only because of the Lord Jesus Christ and His sacrifice for sin that I have allowed this ruined, sin-infested planet to go on existing.  But continue to bite the hand that feeds you and that same hand will eventually smite you.  Reject My lovingkindness and I’ll turn My back on you forever and take My mercy elsewhere to those who will receive it in repentance, thanksgiving and humility of heart.


I am not mocked.  The God of the Christians is merciful, but He is also a consuming fire Who is not to be toyed with (Deut.4:24; 9:3; Heb.12:29).



Judgment is Coming Upon Persecutors

Deut.7:15; Psalms Chapter 2; 7:10-16; 37:12-15;

2 Thes.1:6-10; Rev.18:20; 19:11-18



The heathen are filthy and unwashed from their evil vile ways.  Some dare to touch My anointed, saying: These Christians are merely sheep for the slaughter, and there is no God in heaven Who sees or cares what we do.  Jesus preaches only love and tolerance, so no day of judgment will never come upon us.”


Contemptuously they spit in the face of divine love and forbearance and mock My messengers.  Yea, they imprison the righteous on false, trumped-up charges and hold kangaroo courts to try the righteous for his righteousness.  Persecutors jeer at My messengers.  They dare to molest my beloved ones, and shatter the souls of the righteous.  They beat and torture, starve, bereave, maim, shoot at and mutilate those who are sent forth in My Name. 


Some mockingly say: “There’s nothing you can do about it.  God is on OUR side, not yours. Even your own Bible says you can’t fight back. Your God says you’ve gotta always turn the other cheek, so He must be on OUR side, not yours!  God expects you to always forgive us no matter what we do, so we win and you lose, ha ha!”


Such stupid vermin rouse my wrath.  Think you that I am blind to what is going on in such strongholds of spiritual slavery as North Korea, Pakistan, India, certain parts of Latin America and the Islamic countries?  Think you that the blood of My precious people is of little worth to Me and shall go unavenged?  Ten thousand times, NO!


I am even now readying My arrows of divine Judgment against the persecutors.  Against them I have ordained many horrible plagues, strokes of swift, severe retribution, which shall descend upon their rebellious nations in rapidfire succession, slaying the hardened in heart.


Like a proud rooster, persecutors brag that they hold the power of life and death over the righteous.  They boast that even if Christians will be blessed in the world to come, that the wicked still hold sway in the here and now, where it counts.  Even a head of cabbage is more obedient to the Lord than these stiffnecked brutes, for even the herbs of the field grow or cease to grow at My command. I give each creature upon the face of the earth every breath of life it takes.  Yet  these proud, pompous bullies swagger around and actually boast that they are invincible and shall end their years in pleasures while My poor children are crushed.  But I’ll have you all know, NOBODY hurts My precious little children and gets away with it!


The time is swiftly approaching when I shall fulfill my promise to My loved ones that “none of the diseases of Egypt shall be visited upon any of them”, but instead I will lay them upon all those who hate them, their persecutors.  For nearly two thousand long years I have refrained My wrath from heathen oppressors strictly as an act of unmerited grace, in hopes that they would respond to My mercy with repentance toward me and faith in My Son the Lord Jesus.  But I am under no obligation to continue to make the rain of My mercy fall equally upon the righteous and the unrighteous.  Very shortly I shall remove My hand of protection from all evil beasts and oppressors and they shall fall under the power of all the punishments of nature which I have for so long restrained from striking them.


The arrows of the king are powerful in the hearts of His enemies.  He breaketh the instruments of death in the hand of the wicked.  The Lord pierceth through the gross darkness.  He lays bare the very thoughts and intents of the evil man who boasts of proud things.  The Lord breaks the arm of strong armaments and evil devices of destruction upon which tyranny depends.  The LORD sets free the captives.  He proclaims liberty unto the captives and opens wide the prison doors, admitting the pure Light of His Word.


Even as the Lord destroyed the chariots of the Egyptians with an overwhelming flood in the Red Sea, so shall the Lord shall destroy the military vehicles of the wicked with fire.  The heat of His terrible vengeance shall even melt their guns as He executes His fierce, unmitigated wrath upon all His enemies.


Upon the head of all the haters of the Lord shall fall all sorts of natural catastrophes, pestilence, famine, starvation, and disease epidemics. The repentant who turn to My Son for cleansing and forgiveness shall be shielded from what is to come in the dark days ahead.  But in the Day of the Lord’s terrible vengeance, the Lord will make a difference between His people and the people of the devil, in that He will no longer feed the wicked along with the righteous. 


The Lord is furious with orchestrators of war worldwide.  The Lord abhors all workers of iniquity who have trampled underfoot His people. The sword of the angel of the Lord shall chase all those world leaders who have turned a blind eye to atrocities perpetrated against the people of God.  The Great Tribulation is about to fall upon unrepentant mankind.  Many of you reading this will still be alive when it happens.  Those of you who truly love Me and submit to My Lordship will be taken home to be with Me in heaven. But backsliders who rebel against Me and despise My Word shall be left behind to be purified in the coming judgments. 


All evidoers shall be punished in the fierce judgments of Revelation, but the most severe outpouring of My terrible wrath will be suffered by those vicious beasts who have hurt and mocked My people.  I shall trample them as grapes are trampled in the harvest.  I shall stain all My raiment with the blood of the wicked. Far from the wicked enjoying most favored status with Me, I shall surely cast them out as dung on the dread day of My final reckoning with sin and iniquity. Those who have bereaved and broken the righteous shall themselves suffer untold loss for time and eternity.


Like an angry bear charging out of the forest I will tear apart evil persecutors who have slandered or hurt My dear children and violated My maidens, leaving them broken-hearted, ruined and desolate. Those who boasted of how it cost them nothing to hurt the weak and the meek shall finally face Someone they can’t defeat so easily, for the world’s definition of victory is to still be left standing unhurt after you have killed your opponent, and to physically fall is to be defeated in their eyes.  But just imagine the terror of those wicked persecutors as they see with their own corrupt eyes the Return of the Lord Jesus with the saints they have cruelly martyred, who by then will have been raised whole and well, in bodies incorruptible and shining with My eternal glory! Those too weak or petrified to run away will fall to the ground screaming for mercy, in a day when mercy will no longer be available to those who denied it to others weaker than themselves.


On the day of My fierce wrath, when every last vestige of divine forbearance is finally spent, I will bind the wicked souls sold out to satan in bundles and My angels shall hurl them into great leaping flames of everlasting judgment. 


Those who brazenly destroy the Temple of the Holy Spirit, I shall destroy.  The bodies of My people are the Temple of the Holy Ghost.  Millions have been cruelly martyred around the world in the last few decades alone.  And it isn’t always just a case that those vile murderers“knew not what they did”.  It had far more to do with the fact that mankind, apart from Christ, hates the very heart of God and will do anything to strike pain in his heart by harming the things He loves.  I have said in My Word that it is a deadly sin to destroy the Temple of the Holy Ghost.  This applies not just to abuse of the believer’s body through committing sin, it also applies to atrocities committed against believers by sadistic sinners who harbor a  spirit of malice toward Me and those who are Mine.


Consider Nero, Caligula, Vespasian and Domitian, emperors of the most ruthless empire the world has ever seen: Rome.  Now they are languishing in a devil’s hell for what they did to God-fearing Jews and Christians while they lived on earth.  Consider how unregenerate, depraved mankind never learns his lesson and never ceases to think he can dethrone the Lord Almighty.  Consider the cruel regimes of Hitler and others who have unjustly murdered the righteous.  Are these people feasting now with Me in Paradise?  NO!  They are forever doomed and damned in hell, being taunted and tormented by those same wicked spirits that drove them in life.  All their evil works shall not stand before My Final Judgment, and with them, are destined to suffer the vengeance of eternal fire.


I broke the so-called Iron Fist of Rome. Other evil empires which persecuted My loved ones, including that of Pharaoh, were likewise humbled by My hand.  I buried the chariots of the Egyptians in the Red Sea. In the light of eternity, the so-called greatness of vile dictators shall be as less than a particle of dust.  Even as I toppled cruel regimes of the past, so shall I humble mighty nations of today who boast of their stockpiles of deadly WMD and rebel against My Law of Love to further their quest for world domination and to steal the treasures of the earth to waste on their perverted lusts.




God Shall Avenge the Righteous

Jere.46:10; Luke 11:49-51; 18:7; Rom.12:9; 2

Thes.1:7-9; Rev.6:10-17; 19:11-21


I have surely seen the tears of My persecuted people throughout all lands where they have no freedom to congregate to worship.  Those persecuted most severely   must gather together in secret if at all.  Punishments and heavy fines have broken the backs of My tender-hearted children of light, imposed upon them by brutal beasts of darkness who KNOW they are spitting in the face of their own Creator.  These evil men and women who bruise My elect do so out of the mistaken belief that because I delay My just vengeance against them, I have suspended it altogether and they shall get off scot-free.


Well, I have news for the persecutors of Christians far and wide throughout the earth.  They are in for a terrible shock.  The Sword of the Lord shall go forth in the Day of His Retribution exacting blood for blood.  As it is written in the Book of Revelation, multitudes of murdered martyrs who surround My Heavenly Throne shall praise Me for the perfect justice of My fair judgments in the corrupt world of men.  In the earth My people pray for their persecutors and it is their duty to love lost sinners as possible candidates for salvation.  But in the day of My terrible wrath it will no longer be the duty of those in heaven to love the lost who will have finally made their decision to reject My dear Son for time and eternity.


Terrible tribulation wrath is even at the door.  I want My people to prepare themselves spiritually for evacuation from the earth, and for their happy flight to their heavenly home.  You can only take with you those things which count for eternity.  While My people are borne heavenward, persecutors of the righteous will sink like lead into the abyss of the blackness of darkness forever.  They will suffer boils for accepting the Mark of the Beast during the Tribulation period.  They will lack clean drinking water.  The sea, the air, the ground itself will be contaminated by vile chemicals. Rivers, lakes, ponds and oceans will abound with floating bodies of dead fish and marine animals. These waters will be stained red with blood. Spilled petroleum will float as slicks on the ocean surface, washing up onto shores littered with dead fish.  People will turn on water taps and nothing but mud will come out, then they will dry completely.  Mankind will curse their own Maker and gnaw their tongues in agony from the terrible plagues of Revelation.


People will hole up in caverns for fear of My dread judgments. Poor people who cannot pay their rent will be shown no mercy.  They will be thrown out of their homes onto the street to scavenge like dogs. Rich people will be more selfish than ever in those days.  All the loving, caring influence upon society made by the presence of Christians will be gone during those horrible days of darkness when satan rules this planet unhindered.  The wealthy will seclude themselves in their luxurious homes, surrounded by well-paid guards and fences.  Outside their compounds people will kill, steal and fight to survive.


The few righteous people upon earth will get the blame for all the trouble going on, just like early Christians got blamed for the fire started by Nero. Tribulation believers will get lynched by street mobs as enemies of society. Some will be hung or burned alive, outside the protection of the Antichrist’s legal system.  Believers will be reported by spying neighbors to the authorities for refusal to take the Mark, which will be very similar to today’s bar code.  It will be visible to a hand-held device and connected to GPS technology, to facilitate tracking of individuals.  The righteous will be hunted down like rabbits, so as to exterminate them in a holocaust of terror.


How long, O Lord, How Long?  Saints in heaven and on earth will cry.  It is then the bloodiest divine vengeance of all time will rain fire upon sinful mankind.  Those sinners still alive after being deprived of clean drinking water and sufficient food will be killed in the worst warfare ever known in human history.  Nuclear detonations will take place on a limited scale.  Fish, birds and animals will die, and people will become sick and weak.  Opposing armies from East and West shall battle each other with unrestrained fury…till they see Me returning in great glory from heaven to rule on earth.  It is then they will stop fighting each other and train their weapons of warfare skyward, toward Me and My heavenly hosts.  But My enemies shall be consumed with fire, to face far worse fire in hell. 


World leaders who sanction persecution of Christian believers are standing on shaky ground which is cracking apart, and they shall fall into the abyss to suffer eternal destruction in a devil’s hell. Some despotic rulers have already suffered the stroke of My judgment in their health as a warning sign.  Human life is precious, but I am fast reaching the point where I will punish the inhabitants of the earth for wasting that gift of life in acts of unrighteousness. 


My children are exceedingly precious in My sight and I shall avenge every last one of them, from righteous Abel to the last righteous martyr who dies in the Tribulation Period.