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Contrary to popular belief, “gentle Jesus” does NOT love malicious, violent bullies just as much as He loves born-again believers who are persecuted by them.  Christ considers stubbornly unrepentant sinners the equivalent of hogs, snakes and dogs, for they are unclean in His sight (Matt.7:6;23:33). Bullies are CRIMINALS who commit hate crimes against people created in God’s own image. What sane parent would allow his/her son or daughter to be educated in a filthy pigpen for twelve whole years, then expect that precious son or daughter to come home spotlessly clean, happy and well-adjusted emotionally and spiritually whole?  If you force your child to “mix with” skunks for several years don’t expect that child to smell like a rose garden.


Does God command Christians to send their children to secular schools where perverted sex is taught to small children, and children of unbelievers teach their children dirty jokes and apply peer pressure to conform?


2 Cor.6:17: Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you,
18 And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty.


Too bad more Christian parents can’t afford to send their children to a decent Christian school where Christ is exalted.  Or, home school their own children.  I pray God brings solutions to the problem of providing cruelty-free education for every child.


Precious Christian children raised in evil secular schools devoid of godly discipline  soon sink into the cesspool of despair, especially when they become the target of human hogs who oppress and persecute them for being godly. I know from experience that bullies even persecute other kids who aren’t necessarily trying to live for Jesus, but are so well-behaved the bullies harbor contempt for them and pick on them.  A few students just want to be allowed to quietly go about the business of learning without hassles from dumb asses who go to school just to make trouble. Satan not only hates true godliness, he even hates a poor imitation of it! He instills hatred and contempt in school bullies toward “squares” and “nerds” who don’t always have a clever comeback for wisecracks.


God knows how many have precious toddlers pray to accept Jesus into their hearts, only to later  harden in heart and lose interest in the things of God once they get exposed to all the cruelty and corruption of the schoolyard.  Before long the small child grows up to be “just like everybody else”, out of fear of being beaten up or becoming a social leper. 


What happened to transform an innocent happy Christian child into a sulking, depressed teenage backslider?  Rabid dogs bit them with deadly spiritual poison under their lips (Romans 3:13).  The throat of the wicked is an open tomb filled with the rotting stench of hell and death.  Teachers who act as substitute parents during educational hours are mostly too timid to get tough with troublemaking, violent teens because they’re afraid of being hurt or sued by those thugs.  So they look the other way and pretend not to notice one or two children in their classroom are being devoured by dogs who nip at them when they think no authority figure is watching. And when it IS brought to their attention, the poor victim is often the one blamed for being a victim.  The victim is re-victimized by the teacher for acting “different” (unwilling to participate in the ugly, back-stabbing, power-crazed shark pool school social scene). Such a culture is at war with God’s Holy Spirit Who lives in the hearts of Christian students.


It is often the BULLY who rules over high schools, not concerned, conscientious teachers, the principal or anybody else. The out-of-control child is supreme ruler of his/her own home, in the way they physically abuse and scare weepy, helpless parents who have tried every trick in the book to straighten out their kids.  Only it wasn’t GOD’S book they tried, just the perverse child rearing techniques of satan. The Naughty Chair doesn’t always work.  Sometimes kids are so controlled by wicked spirits that only the power of God can set them free.  Sometimes the parents are to blame. Perverted parents are very happy to see their aggressive punkster kids happy-slapping everybody else who’s smaller or weaker than they are.  These pathetic parents actually think an intimidating bully at school will end up conquering in the world of work and THEIR kids will be successful and rich when they’re grown.  But they and their kids will lose out in the end and end up in the festering garbage dump of hell, rejected by a righteous God.


Confident that teachers and parents have no control over his/her life, the teenage terror decides his/her school will be an outpost of hell on earth and they will call the shots.   It’s the most vicious school bullies who decide who will be the Top Dogs in his/her clique and who will be rejected as an outcast and sacrificed in this war of nerves between school staff and trouble-making students. Children who get targeted by aggressive school bullies either learn to kiss up to the bully and try to appease him or collapse, unless they are unusually spiritually strong.


I’ll tell you what happened to the typical teenager who no longer loves and serves the Lord Jesus Christ.  Either they were scared away from Christ through intense emotional persecution or seduced away from Christ by satan’s human snakes who promised them glory and popularity in exchange for following the crowd to hell.  Some punkster might have called them unspeakably ugly names and blasphemed God in front of them. Foul jokes and other dirty intimidation assaults the ears of Christian  school students in the locker room.  Day after day after endless day it gets pounded into the ears of Christian children that satan rules the world outside their home and it’s useless to take a stand against the evil values of his kingdom of darkness.


At first, many helpless Christian kids do try hard to resist the daily abuse and indoctrination of the devil.  When they complain to mom and dad, even their Christian parents tell them to “toughen up” because the REAL WORLD is even more cruel.  But in God’s sight, the godless secular school IS part of this evil world system.  Christ is daily lampooned as an old myth while “alternative religions and alternative family life styles” are rammed down the throats of innocent Christian children. Home schooling is against the law in many parts of the world.  As satan picks off your children’s souls the nominal church nods its head and retreats within its cloistered walls, hiding its head in the sand like an ostrich.  The devil wins by default as church leaders preach their lame “God loves everybody the same” message to people who feel like their hands are tied in a world they can do nothing to change.


Sometimes Christian children have even been unjustly penalized by teachers and principals for bringing Gospel tracts and Bibles to school. The one thing which could strengthen and encourage a persecuted, bullied child is taken away from them in time of need by secular humanist educational officials. Godly principals and educators are forbidden BY LAW  to teach about Jesus Christ and His love and His ability to transform broken ruined lives.  Even if some teacher wanted to help a bullied student cope by encouraging him/her to turn  to the Lord Jesus for supernatural strength, that teacher is effectively gagged.  His/her job is at stake.  God-fearing teachers and principals know they’d be fired by the school district if even once they warned unruly kids about  the wrath of Almighty God, or the terrible hell fire which awaits them for their wickedness. Any mention of a personal god must be generic in nature, appealing to ALL religions on earth.  The secular humanist god tolerates the evil rot which infests secular schools.  Even some “religious” schools are steeped in error and permissiveness.  Kids who claim to be churchgoers and lovers of Jesus might be just putting on a front.  Until no adult is looking, and then they join in the bullying themselves. 


Some kids manage to tough it out by “joining the crowd”.  A very few simply don’t survive, not even physically. Christian parents, preaching love and tolerance of even the most evil servants of satan, turn a blind eye and just tell their kids to rise above the crowd of bullies who attack them daily. Fearful of being beaten up or worse, some Christian kids might do away with themselves out of abject fear.  Too many Christian parents wimp out by painting Christ as a weak-kneed, mealy-mouthed Captain Nice instead of the Mighty Lord of Hosts.


Contrary to modern liberal church teaching, God views (and treats) people differently, according to how they respond to the Gospel. No, God doesn’t relate to everyone the same way.  Some are hardened sinners and permanent enemies of God while others have the potential for repenting of sin and becoming His own dear children. The children of the wicked are unclean (counted as pagans) in God’s sight while the children of godly Christians are holy (acceptable to God) (I Cor.7:14).


Christians emphasize the importance of going forth into all the world to spread the Gospel.  True, and very, very necessary.  As a committed Christian, you cannot and must not hide your light within the four walls of some  church building.  But even adult missionaries periodically take furloughs for a well-deserved rest, to get  badly needed R&R from the hardships, stress and persecution endured in foreign lands.   Cowardly Christian parents are asking helpless children to get NO break from month after month of the DAILY breaking of bullying and persecution endured in godless schools.  Even when Christian children get their spring and summer breaks and other occasional  holiday time off, their inward spirit man is grieved that the torment will start all over again once school starts again.


Even when Christ sent His own grown-up disciples out to spread the Gospel, He instructed them to waste no time in areas where His message was rejected and scorned.  Instead Jesus’ disciples were to shake the very dust of the unbelieving area off their feet and consign those wicked people to God’s future judgment (Matt.10:14; Mark 6:11). If an adult believer were severely persecuted he would usually be able to go find another job.  In God’s Word He instructed His people to FLEE to another place if they were persecuted (Matt.10:23). Can a bullied child flee?  So much for school always being an ideal mission field! Little children and helpless teenagers are forbidden to flee their persecutors at school, and if they do they get into big trouble with the law for truancy. Bullied kids get caught between a rock and a hard place, and invariably they get crushed.


In Jesus’ day anyone who wasn’t a Roman citizen could be forced to carry a Roman soldier’s military gear for a whole mile, no matter how heavy the burden might be.  The Roman soldiers occupied Christ’s country.  Those cruel, haughty soldiers symbolize satan and his oppressors. Their heavy equipment, used to  keep Jesus’ countrymen under occupation, symbolizes satan’s  WMD. Jesus taught love.  He commanded His followers to carry a Roman soldier’s burden TWO miles instead of just one (Matt.5:41). But Christ did not command His disciples to volunteer to carry the enemy’s oppressive burden ten miles or even three. Yet helpless Christian children are expected to cheerfully bear any burden of oppression the bully decides to dump on them.  They are forced to carry satan’s burden of oppression not one mile, but a million miles! It can literally break your back if you try to carry a two-hundred pound backpack for even a quarter mile. Yet bullied children are expected to carry satan’s WMD in their souls for many months or years.  The emotional (sometimes physical) scars of severe bullying are lifelong and the painful memories become a heavy burden to bear.


What kind of nurturing environment does an evil hog pen school provide?  Children barely finish learning their ABC’s before the satanic Law of the Jungle is instilled in them.  Only the cleverest, “coolest” and most evil among them can expect to survive the gauntlet of bullies looking for an easy victim.  Children in an ungodly secular school learn to covet more and more THINGS to maintain an acceptable image to impress bullies who will pick on them if they appear poor. The pressure on Christian children to conform to evil is monstrous.  Many, discouraged, just fall into line with the rest of the kids and do as they do so they won’t stick out enough to get attacked.  They learn to curse and swear and cheat to get ahead.  And if they act “good”, their name is mud among those out for blood.  Profound spiritual damage is done to Christian children who are daily and hourly marinated in the rot and the filth of an ungodly school culture, and have hatred and violence rammed down their throats by their perverted peers.  Even a grown adult would have trouble keeping his/her integrity in such a dog-eat-dog environment as many modern hog pen high schools have become. 


Good grades matter today more than ever before.  But asking a shell-shocked, depressed teenager to churn out all A’s and B’s is just like expecting a marathon runner to finish in first place with one ankle bound in an iron shackle.  The ability might be there, but bullies have bound him with their chains of hatred.


You might as well expect an Air Force pilot to make a picture-perfect landing in a battlefield after one of his wings has been shot off.  Not only that, even the weather goes against him. It starts to hail, then a  tornado rips off his other wing, sending the plane in a tailspin downward as lightning strikes the nose of the plane.  Meanwhile, surface to air missiles keep blasting away at him from below.  If the pilot ends up a casualty of war, after bravely toughing it out all alone, can he be blamed? Man, it sure does take guts to fight your battles all alone!


Just like a scared soldier charging the enemy on the battlefield, I forced myself to keep slogging on, through the muck and the mire of the sinful, foul environment of Hogpen High. Lots of kids fall totally apart, though, because they aren’t able to keep one wing functioning through sheer dogged will power . So their grades NEVER recover!  Some kids can’t learn at all in a torture chamber.  Still, their parents yell at them for getting rotten report cards.  “Grow up! You’re acting like a soap opera!  Crybaby!  What if you were REALLY suffering!  What if you didn’t have food on your plate?  It’s all in your head!  Get over it, or the men in white coats will take you away!  You should be ashamed of yourself!  Your brother (sister, etc,) doesn’t suffer this embarrassment!  You can’t beat the system!”


Get real! Only an ostrich hides its eyes in the sand from reality. You might just as well hope terminal cancer will go away if you just ignore it!  IT’S THE BULLY WHO SHOULD HIDE HIS FACE IN SHAME, NOT HIS VICTIMS!!!!!  HELLO?  Parents, you brought your child into this world, and it’s YOUR duty to protect him, and to hell with namby-pamby  politeness or political correctness!  Any parent too scared to make tough choices for the sake of his child needs to pray for holy boldness! Any parent who refuses to fight to protect their own kid’s health or safety doesn’t deserve to be a parent!  If you think a pit bull terrier is fierce, it would be nothing compared to how this riled-up old bear would respond. First I’d take that child out of school till the State either straightened the mess out immediately or assigned a big, beefy bodyguard to protect the child, including going to  and from school. If they couldn’t guarantee such protection, and I were forced to take MY child out of school and teach  them at home to keep them from being pulverized, and the State gave me any guff about it,  I’d threaten to fight back with a Loco Parentis Lawsuit.  Loco Parentis means “in place of the parent”.  While YOUR kid’s at school (because the State forces you to send them), teachers and school staff act as substitute parents with all the duties belonging to parents, including protecting the health and welfare of your child.  I’d say that if your kid comes home with cuts and bruises all over his face, a broken leg, teeth knocked out, and a shredded shirt, the State loused up its loco parentis duty.


I’m soft-spoken and mild-mannered to a fault, but this would be no time for politeness. I’d set my phone on fire hollering and screaming to the newspapers and lawmakers.  I’d picket the local Board of Education till they fan Frankenstein’s fanny with a holey board to put the fear of God in him.  I’d keep writing e-mails, picketing, phoning, hollering and screaming all day, every day, till I raised a big enough stink to get the press on my side, and get lawmakers off their blessed assurances so they’ll  pass laws to take the schools back from the bullies running them. 


Parents, you can turn a blind eye to bullying if you’re too wimpy to fight the battle. It’s easy to “go with the flow” and do nothing in the face of gross evil.  Even a dog dropping can float downsteam effortlessly.  You can bury your head like the ostrich and hope the passage of time will make it all come out in the wash.  But the sad truth is this: You can choose not to act, but you can’t choose the CONSEQUENCES of doing nothing to protect your child from years of being fed a slow drip of emotional rat poison by filthy cockroach bullies.  And it’s YOUR precious child who will reap the whirlwind for your inaction. What are just a few of the consequences you can expect in that poor child’s life as he/she gets older?


1. Flashbacks and nightmares.  Hatred, abuse and hostility has been pounded into your child’s soul for so long they feel like they’re trapped in a time warp because nothing was EVER resolved, and they have trouble moving on.  They’ve grown into a man or a woman, and they might be well-educated by now, even have a mate or a halfway decent job.  But inside that person is a wounded child crying for justice and affirmation as a worthwhile human being.


2.     Cries at the slightest provocation.  Some stray comment or minor incident can “push the pain button” in the child’s soul because bad memories are triggered by something seemingly insignificant.  This is similar to a migraine being triggered by chocolate.


3.     Hates social situations, prefers their own company. Bullies who ostracized your child conditioned him/her to live their life alone and seek comfort only in themselves because they weren’t good enough to have friends. The tree grows the way the twig is bent.  It would feel unnatural to that tree to be anything but a bent tree. It’s possible to turn off any desire for friendship, because it hurts too much to desire things you know you can never have.  And it hurts too much to love and then be betrayed by someone you trusted.


4.     Finds it difficult to live independently as an adult.  The human spirit is strong and resilient, but can be broken if too many negative forces impact it for far too long.  Too many people told your child he/she was dumb, clumsy, fat, stupid, weak, etc.  If others psychologically or physically tortured your child over a long period of years and made him too insecure to make his own way in the world, place the blame squarely on your own shoulders for leaving that child in a negative, hostile shark pool school which ate away his precious soul like caustic acid till nothing was left.



5.     Takes only menial jobs beneath his/her intelligence or ability.  Your child was told thousands, if not millions, of times that he/she would never amount to anything and nobody wanted them on their team in P.E. So why do you expect they’ll feel welcome on a top sales team in some fancy corporation?  They might even feel intimidated about managing a fast food joint!  Might it be because your child worries about being less than perfect?  BLAME THE BULLIES AND BLAME YOURSELF FOR ALLOWING IT TO HAPPEN!!!  Marinate meat in sewage and guess what it’s gonna taste like?  Marinate your child in verbal vomit for thousands of endless days, and guess what happened?  Every flaw or failure, both real and imaginary, was blown up 1000X and waved in your child’s face, by mean teachers or rotten bloodthirsty shark bullies holding YOUR child under a microscope to look for something to tease them about.  Well, no wonder your child doesn’t reach for the stars, regardless of having a 140 I.Q.!  A street sweeper or janitor has far less chance of job failure and related stress than a doctor, lawyer, or data systems analyst.



Bullying isn’t a nit-piddly little kiddie game.  It’s a spiritually destructive HATE CRIME which must be fought against, aggressively and non-stop, using every LEGAL means possible.  I know, the System IS stacked in favor of the criminal, and the problem seems invincible.  Parents of juvenile thugs could care less your child has been hurt. They care only for their own kid and he (or she) can do no wrong. Their primary reason for loving their child is to them, he or she is an extension of themselves.  Their offspring represents THEM at that school, and any reprimand he suffers reflects on THEM.  The love of a sinner is very selfish indeed.


The stupid doctrine of unconditional forgiveness and tolerance of evil stinks in God’s nostrils. Why?  Because God is a just God and can tolerate no evil.  Christian “love” can degenerate into a catchall excuse for sinful apathy, moral cowardice and laziness.  And just what do you mean by “forgiveness”?  Is unconditional forgiveness called for  when your child comes home with his face smashed in, a few teeth missing, or is permanently disabled by bullying?  How do you forgive some human skunk who brags about doing this and warns your child that if he/she makes a complaint or comes back to school after getting home from the hospital, they’ll get more of the same abuse? Talk about casting your precious spiritual pearls before swine! Pigs only LAUGH at your forgiveness.  They’ll only snort their defiance, turn around and tear you to bits.


God, being perfectly just, cannot forgive sin unless it is atoned for.  Why else would He have insisted on animal sacrifices to cover sin until Christ came to pay for sin once and for all?  Immediately after Adam and Eve sinned, an innocent animal had to be sacrificed in their place, and God made coats for the two sinners to cover their nakedness.  Sinners are spiritually naked in God’s sight.  Unrepentant sinners are left exposed to the fire of divine wrath (John 3:36).  If God forgave sin without the sinner being cleansed by the blood of Jesus, the devil could point a finger at God and accuse Him of being an unrighteous judge Who failed to uphold the righteous demands of divine justice.  If a sinner isn’t in his right mind and “knows not what he does” you can have compassion on him/her.  But many unrepentant sinners laugh at those they’ve hurt and do it again and again and again just because they can get away with it!  To state that you must forgive all unrepentant sinners is to say that Jesus’ atonement covers even those who trample upon his blood and permanently  reject Him.   Following that rationale to its logical conclusion, you could expect to see rapists and perverts up in heaven, doing the same old wicked things they’ve always done.


What kind of a wishy-washy wimp refuses to take a bold stand for justice and use every lawful means to FIGHT for the rights of their own defenseless child(ren)? Even animals fight to protect their own offspring from bloodthirsty wolves! The foundation of God’s own Throne is judgment and justice (Psalms 97:2).  God’s own dear Son is going to dispense godly justice upon all who reject His righteous rule (Luke 19:27).  Christians yell that you better forgive and love unconditionally every lowlife pervert that comes along or you’ll fry in hell. Read every Psalm where David entreated God to punish evildoers who persecuted him in the wilderness.  Where do you think King David is today? Heaven or hell?  Has God changed His mind about what is right and wrong? Did God send King David down to hell to shovel coal because he didn’t stand still and smile while King Saul threw a spear at him? Some Christians would chide David for failure to “love” Saul enough to let Saul use him for a pin cushion. Baloney!


Jesus says this about forgiveness, in the case of your spiritual brother: IF HE REPENT, forgive him (Luke 17:3). Notice that little word “if”.  This “unconditional forgiveness” doctrine doesn’t fly for at least two reasons: First and foremost, there is no repentance on the part of a bully who assaults you on the school bus day in and day out.  The word “repent” comes from a Latin word which means to “turn around”.  You turn around to go in the other direction.  You don’t keep on going down the broad way to destruction. To repent is to TURN FROM SIN, not just mouth an insincere “I’m sorry” when the teacher forces you to do it.  The other reason this scripture doesn’t apply to unrepentant bullies is an interesting one: Jesus said forgive your repentant BROTHER.  A bully is NOT my brother!  I’m tired of hearing this ridiculous donkey dung about the brotherhood of all men.  That’s secular humanism, not the Bible. I’ve got a different dad than a bully does.  God is my Father.  Satan is the bully’s father.  When unbelieving religious people insulted Jesus, He didn’t shower unconditional Hershey’s Kisses on them.  Christ said satan was their father, not God, and they practiced the  works of the devil (John 8:44).


Where there is true repentance, God expects you to forgive and reconcile.  But you are no greater than God is. What if your little girl came home crying, with her dress torn, her eye blackened, and some of her hair pulled out? Why should you brush off violent criminal acts committed against your children as if they were only harmless pranks? You’re no holier than your Maker.  He cannot justly forgive anyone who refuses to repent and goes around bragging about the evil they’ve done. Does God expect more patience and mercy from you than He does from Himself? Are unrepentant men of violence precious in the sight of God? God says in Isaiah 51:8 that the wicked will end up as motheaten worm food.


Even when you can’t truly forgive an unrepentant individual, release them into God’s hands and just pray for them as He leads. Ask Him to disentangle your injured emotions from the situation so you’ll keep His peace in your heart and mind.  Some people are so grossly wicked and rebellious they’re beyond all prayer.  If they’re that hopeless, God’s Spirit will soon remove any burden you might have to pray for them. But don’t stew and torment yourself over wrongs others do you.  Bring them ALL to God in prayer and leave them there, fully expecting that God, the Righteous Judge, will settle the score (see Luke 18:7) and heal all the hurts. The unrepentant violent bully will rue the day he ever messed with God’s own!  An angry bear is a gentle kitten compared to God, once His wrath is heated up to a rolling boil (Psalms 76:7).


Righteous divine wrath IS called for in such a terrible, desperate situation as severe bullying.  But that’s God’s job, not yours (Rom.12:19).  He promises to pay back the evil done to you.  Don’t ever let anger boil in your bosom or you’ll poison yourself on it and sink into a deep funk of depression. Only the LORD is big and strong enough to contain and rightly channel the terrible wrath of divine justice. Never take it upon yourself to wreak your own vengeance or you’ll just end up getting in deep trouble or harming yourself spiritually. Instead, release that dirty lowlife who hurt you into God’s capable hands.  God’s got more than enough anger for both of you, and he’ll see to it that your unrepentant persecutor gets the thrashing of his/her life.  Ask God to not only take the heat of anger and depression of hurt away, but to replace those negative emotions with His own joy, the joy which comes from a profound peace which passes all understanding (Phil.4:7).