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Part 3




Bullying in the Church World

I Sam.16:7; Luke 16:15; Gal.5:15; I Cor.7:31; Gal.5:13;  I John 2:17


Day in and day out I am disgusted by the way small children, teenagers and even adults are left crying and bruised from bullying and abuse of every sort.  Emotional, spiritual and physical wounds have been inflicted by servants of satan too numerous for the overwhelmed individual to count.  The broken-hearted victim finds that he needs to do NOTHING to earn an enemy, even as he finds it difficult to cultivate lasting friendships.  Why is the victim shunned?  Often because the victim is soft-spoken, non-aggressive, mild-mannered and too “uncool” to associate with as a friend.  So people are afraid of being tarred with the same brush as being uncool by the mere act of showing friendship and kindness to the designated victim of the group.


While I am enraged and disgusted and heartbroken by the meanness and snobbery shown to people in the secular world, I am much more provoked by the meanness which goes on in the institutional church world that walks in the flesh and not in the Spirit. Even in close-knit fellowships, there might be one or two people who refuse to part with their wicked ways of darkness.  The evil spirit of spite and competition which motivated them in their formerly sinful life still heavily influences those individuals at times.


Some women think a slender figure and a fair face are what I require for being used mightily in the Spirit.  The latest fashion accessories are a must for aspiring “Christian celebrities”, as well as “good people skills”.  Women talk about each other behind their backs, criticizing the outward appearance of so-and-so. Instead of entering into the assembly with a prayerful, reverent attitude, women display their baser side in the way they talk.  Some even flirt with each other’s husbands, even in the so-called sanctuary, and make suggestive remarks about each other’s personal life.  Some are so brazen and mean they’ll make cutting remarks to someone else’s face and offer to “take them shopping” in a sly, patronizing way.  Well, I have already stated plainly in My Word that those things which are highly esteemed in the sight of men are abhorrent in My sight.  I detest the lewd, provocative fashions of this world, and one day they shall pass away with the rest of the devil-inspired dung prized by rebellious mankind.


After all the pressure to prosper and all the talk of compromise and “taking your liberty” is brought to bear upon sensitive souls who only want to draw closer to Me, they begin to wonder if they really are in a house of worship, or just hanging out in some worldly social club. Is My Church on the Straight and Narrow Way to Life, or is it strolling flirtatiously down some seedy catwalk of competition?  No wonder so many godly men and women have gotten disgusted with the institutional church and left!  There’s enough backstabbing and unholy conversation going on at work. If your sister wants to wear her hair and dresses long and skip the carnal conversation, then respect her right to do so!  If your brother doesn’t believe in drinking wine, dancing, or going to movies, that’s strictly between him and Me, and you are not to tease or belittle that one, either to his face or before others! It would do your brother or sister no good to go along with you and change their ways if they didn’t feel in their heart it would be right to do so.


It’s a sad, sad day when people aren’t allowed to lead holy, consecrated lives even in the church!  Those who take the right attitude about Christian liberty are to be commended.  They see liberty as an opportunity to choose that which pleases Me and to reject that which is fashionable, but disgusting in My sight.


Bitchy Dog Bites


Did I not specifically state in My Holy Word that you cannot remain neutral in this war against sin? Whoever does not gather with me scatters against Me, to hinder the operations of My Spirit in the earth. Whoever isn’t on My side is automatically on satan’s side.  Whoever mocks the things of God and loves sin and oppression is a servant of the devil, regardless of his/her alleged profession of faith.


My children sometimes turn their back on Me and everything I have taught them about decency, charity, and the love of God.  They flirt with the world, the flesh and the devil.  Worse yet, they become persecutors of people who still cherish modesty, holiness and purity of heart. These polished actors are what I call “convenience Christians”. They pose as true believers whenever the time and place make it convenient to do so. They seek their own self-interest ONLY. Such phonies put on their finest Christian face for Sunday, only to strip it back off once they escape the meeting house after the “service”.  After tossing Me a few crumbs of their pitiful, sad lives, they revert to being the mean-spirited creatures they truly are.  They’re cross with their children, their spouses, and with anyone who is in no position to defend themselves.


I weep for so many who have been scattered away from loving Me because of the meanness and cruelty of other “Christians”.   What is ugly in any believer takes on an even sharper edge when it involves one woman attacking another for such BITCHY non-issues as clothing preference, hair style, weight, “sex appeal”, or social status.  Even when it isn’t a full-blown bite, the cantankerous woman will take nips at her neighbor like a hungry dog. In this way she intimidates and weakens her neighbor, to wear her down so she has no strength or will to resist the abuse. The female “Christian” bully doesn’t care that she’s chewing up another woman in front of her children.  She doesn’t care about the good the other woman has done, or the fruits of the Spirit in her life.  The weight of spiritual glory of Christ within her is disregarded as she is humiliated for her bodily weight.  Her garment of salvation is ignored as her modest outer garments are lampooned.


Old scars freshly healed are ripped back open as the hungry female takes dog bites and devours someone struggling to get over their deep pain and longing to put her past behind her forever. The nasty sins vomited out at conversion are sought again as a cherished treat.  The bitchy believer scoops her regurgitated former sins back up out of the devil’s hog pen and eats them again.  What you eat, naturally, or spiritually, becomes a part of YOU!


After renouncing a shallow commitment to Christ, the DOG returns to its own vomit and the sow to her wallowing in the mire (2 Pet.2:22).

Dogs harbor contempt for holy things (Matt.7:6).

Dogs bite and devour one another (Gal.5:15).

Dogs will be shut out of My Kingdom of Righteousness for all eternity (Rev.22:15).


So don’t be like this:


Believers betray Me when it suits their purpose.

Inconsiderate, cruel insults spew from the mouth of a believer-turned-bully.

Tactics inspired by satan are used to tear others down.

Charity is absent from the heart of the false believer as spite takes over.

Hell is FULL of foul hearts which took pleasure in destroying others.

You don’t need to be this way. Repent if you’re guilty of sliding back into the hog pen of your former sins.  Do not be hard-hearted or too proud to repent.  Humble yourself in My sight and  I’ll forgive you and restore your heart to its former purity.



Thumbs Down to the Unrepentant

Prov.5:22; Ezekiel Chapter 32; John 3:18;

Acts 7:57-60; Romans Chapters 4&5;9:17-22; I Tim.1:13; I Pet.5:8


For two thousand long years I have witnessed the murder and torture going on in societies where Christians are viciously persecuted.  My wrath has had a long time to simmer against men of Belial who boast that THEY, not the God of heaven, are in control, and they need fear no punishment for their wickedness.  Volcanoes may lie dormant for centuries, but the day comes when the necessary eruption must take place.  My wrath is about to explode throughout all the earth as I return to punish the world for its iniquity.


Bullies come in all forms, from the lone “thorn in the flesh” who makes his victim’s life a misery, to a lynch mob who kills a person based on skin color or other point of prejudice. At the dawn of the Church Age I beheld a snarling pack of religious wolves murder Stephen, a kind, caring, decent man who only wanted to serve Me and feed the poor, as a living testimony to His heartfelt faith in Christ His Redeemer.  Those rabid dogs who tore this righteous man apart knew that THEY, not the living God,  were the kingpins, and they were the ones  who ruled their society with an iron fist.  Deep in their hearts they KNEW they did not truly represent the God who delighted in compassion and mercy. Those vicious hypocrites  only used Me as a cloak to justify their cruelty and get rid of what they perceived as their competition in the religious meat market. Saul was one of the few who honestly THOUGHT he was serving Me by putting Christians to death. He obtained mercy because he did it “ignorantly and in unbelief”.


Stephen forgave those wicked men, but the vast majority of that lynch mob never made it into the Kingdom of God. Most failed to repent of stoning My son Stephen. There were literally thousands of other sins I laid to the charge of his persecutors, which were more than enough to send them to hell. ONE SINGLE SIN IS ENOUGH TO SEND SOMEONE TO HELL!  Christians only make it to heaven because the merits of My dear Son Jesus are posted to their account through repentant faith in His atoning Blood, and I view these souls not as other men do, but only through Jesus’ precious Blood.  But unrepentant, defiant, arrogant souls have no covering to protect them from My wrath.  They want to be spared hell, but only on their own terms.


I remember vividly the courage with which My people faced roaring lions and tigers in Roman arenas. I remember the terror, the shrieks and the way My people huddled together, forming a chain of defense around vulnerable believers, shielding pregnant women, children and babies with their own bodies. Many Christian believers bravely offered themselves to the lions, hoping against hope that by eating them first, the appetite of the cruel beasts would be satisfied enough to leave the weaker saints alive to survive another day. Such sacrificial love among the persecuted saints left a lasting impression upon any spectator who had any vestige of conscience left.


 A few strong Christian men tried to fight the beasts bare-handed to prevent their loved ones from being ripped apart.  But whenever some brave Christian man was presented to the crowd as a hero and the crowd was asked whether he should live or die, the answer was invariably: “DEATH!” with the thumbs of the crowd turned down, consenting to the Christian’s further torment and destruction.  The refusal of faithful believers to renounce their own God and worship heathen Roman Gods or the Emperor would enrage the spectators and fan further bloodlust in them.


A very few spectators would be moved to tears of sympathy and repentance by the sight of the love and courage displayed by the brave believers. But their protests would be drowned out by majority consensus that violence was cool, and only the toughest and meanest deserve to survive. I remember many spectators staggering home through filthy alleys and vomiting, because they were so  drunk on wine and psyched up by the heady thrill of the bloody spectacle they had just witnessed.  The bravery and consecration of the Christians were wasted on such degenerate swine, who couldn’t wait to see an even more thrilling show the next time.


Ah, the arrogance of fallen man!  Once the bones and torn remains left by the hungry lions were cleared away, Roman legionnaires blind to My eternal Majesty and ignorant of the hidden mysteries of My will would crack jokes about what a puny deity the poor Christians served.  The soldiers would shake their heads and say that it was a pity that the God of the Christians had raised up His Son from the dead, only to be powerless to save his own people from being eaten alive by lions!  And these wicked soldiers would strut with overblown confidence that because the God of the Christians couldn’t beat them, their mighty empire would surely endure for another thousand years.  Surely the almighty Roman Empire would live so long as the earth endured,  with no real threat from within or without. But Rome DID collapse, and her moral decay was the very catalyst of her destruction. Weakened by debauchery, the Romans were unable to fight off invading tribes from the north who destroyed their pompous capital city. Ungodly Roman tyrants ended up in the same place of punishment as former tyrants of earlier empires. They were vessels of wrath fitted unto destruction.


All bullies, whether the bully on the bus or the predatory boss in the workplace, boast that they alone are king of their own little domain and no one can protect their victims. They boast of being THE power to end all powers. These cowards care only about themselves and the misery they can wring out of others.  Pain is cool, so long as it isn’t their OWN pain! The very IDEA of repentance is a joke to them!  Being sorry is for losers, they think, and losers don’t last long in a world where only the toughest and the roughest survive.


But these fools are already bound by the cords of their own sins.  Sinners weave their own nooses and give the devil the other end of them to do with as he pleases.  During their lifetimes bullies are led about on a leash like the dogs they truly are.  Once  satan tires of leading them on he will end up killing them and leaving them in a pool of the vomit of their own wickedness. The righteous leave a legacy of honor to inspire future generations, but bullies leave only a rotten stench. As the bully served the devil on earth, so the bully serves satan in hell as an object of ridicule and derision, tormented forever where the fires never go out and the worms never die.


I say: “Thumbs UP!” to everyone who turns to me in true repentance and genuine faith in My Son.  And by true repentance I don’t mean just feeling a little bit sad for a while and then turning back to the cesspool of sin.  I mean, to TURN AROUND to go in the other direction, away from hell and toward eternal life, made possible through the blood of My dearly Beloved Son shed on the Cross of Calvary. Genuine faith in My Son involves a heart change from dependence on the deeds of the flesh to faith in His righteousness alone, and trust in His redeeming blood to wash away the filth of fallen human nature. 


I already know who will end up finally rejecting Me and My offer of mercy through the precious blood of My dear Son.  These souls are condemned ALREADY to a devil’s hell.  They  are already lost to eternal life and are doomed to everlasting torment in eternal darkness.  Satan the lion seeks those whom he may devour, and so many wicked sinners laugh with glee as they place their heads in his jaws. To them I say: “THUMBS DOWN!”



God: Your Mighty Fortress

Exodus 23:22; II Samuel Chapter 22;Psalms Chapters 7, 46, 91, and 57;

Psalms 9:9-10;12:5; 27:1-6; Isaiah 49:25; Nahum 1:7


I, the Lord, am a Fortress in the time of trouble, for all oppressed people who call upon Me for help. The earth is shrouded in gross darkness, but I will be an the Everlasting Light round about you, and the darkness shall flee before Me. If only you will call upon the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ in faith, I the Father will acknowledge you as one of My own and will hide you under My wings like a Great Eagle covers her brood under her own wings to protect them from all danger.


The wicked are growing ever bolder in their wickedness because the rulers of this earth have cast out the precepts of the Lord like rubbish and despised His Revelation of Righteousness in Christ Jesus.  They have cut themselves off from My protection because they trust in the Arm of Flesh which cannot save.  But enter ye into the Ark of Salvation, the Lord Jesus Christ, and ye shall be borne up on Eagles’ Wings, high above the power of satan which presently rules this earthly sphere.


O storm-tossed and weary one, do not hesitate to trust in the God of Israel Who delivered David from all his afflictions, who cried out to Me in the desolation of the wilderness when he was being hunted like a wild animal by vicious enemies.  I was faithful to this man of faith, and he lived to fulfill the glorious calling I had placed upon his life.


Ye who have felt like rejected orphans because you’ve been denied love, come unto Me and I will be a Father to you. You shall be Mine forever, and need never feel lonely ever again. Your entire being shall be filled with My Love. You shall be loved by the Father, by the Son, and by His sweet Spirit.  The angels of God shall keep you safe from harm, and shall rejoice forever over you.


Surely, saith the Lord, becoming one of My children confers a far greater dignity upon you than bullies have robbed you of in times past. I am able to fortify you with My Truth to the extent that you will be able to dismiss cruel words as mere rubbish, spoken by ignorant mouths which feed on lies. You will walk as a prince or princess, with the eternal Glory of God resting upon you. You will know the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free.  There is no greater happiness than enjoying My friendship and love.


The children of the devil have no prospect of eternal happiness. Those who have rejected Me are condemned already. They walk in the ways of their evil father satan.  He is a liar, and has often lied to others about   you.  Words have the power to destroy, and are a favorite tactic of the Kingdom of Darkness over which he presides.  Receive the  Words of My mouth into the depths of your wounded being, and they will minister to you like soothing balm to heal the hurts inflicted by the father of lies, the devil.


I will fight your battles for you, if only you will call upon Me in faith.  I will contend with those who contend with you.  Your enemies shall counted as My enemies. I will even cause them to flee before your face.  I will  scatter your foes.  I will cause them to fall into any trap they’ve set for you, and I will make their weapons backfire against themselves. If they refuse to repent, retribution for their wickedness shall fall in full measure upon their own heads. They shall show themselves to be what they truly are_cowards_ as they  are chased away by the mighty Angel of the Lord who encamps round about you.


God HATES the Lover of Violence!

Psalms 5:6; 11:5


Do not be deceived by the popular “God loves everybody” doctrine going around in “feel-good” churches.  Yes, I do love the creatures I have formed by My Hand, but there are those I am capable of actually HATING!  I hate the smug, dirty smile on the face of a violent, murderous teenager or older person.  I HATE the unrepentant transgressor who despises the small, the friendless and the weak and robs him/her of their right to peace, life and happiness.  Do not think that just because I am merciful and full of compassion that the wicked will finally go unpunished.


Day after day after endless day My angels bring Me reports of the vile deeds of the wicked, and how they are growing ever bolder and ever more imaginative in the way they express their rebellion against Me.  I am being roused to great fury by the abuse of innocent children by callous, perverted adults.  I am saddened by the tears of the tormented and the persecuted, whether that persecution is leveled against Christian believers or ordinary school kids.  I am furious because of the predominance and brazenness of the overspreading atmosphere of Sodom which is now filing the earth: the same evil spirits of cruelty, selfishness, haughty arrogance, crass materialism and wicked perversion which resulted in My judgment finally falling upon that wicked city.  Do you think that I will spare the earth much longer, if I spared not Sodom? 


Vile, wicked children and the equally hard-hearted, arrogant older jackasses who condone those kids’ wild behavior are destined for the terrible wrath of Tribulation judgments.  The day will come when sinner and saint will no longer share alike in My blessings of rain and sunshine.  The days of Tribulation wrath will be so horrible that bread will be hard to find, because insect plagues, war, and savage weather conditions will destroy the vast majority of crops upon earth.  If, in those days of gross darkness, any souls repent and become part of My people, I will have to supernaturally feed them with provision from heaven, just like I fed the children of Israel manna from heaven!


Violence will become terrible beyond description in the latter days of the Great Tribulation Period.  Homes will be ransacked for scarce food.  People will be killed “just for the hell of it.” Why? Because that sweet Spirit of Grace Who has acted as a restrainer in the earth through My people will be gone during the Tribulation years.


Violent, abusive people, beware!  Just like a spider is held above a roaring flame by the slenderest of webs, you are being suspended above the fiery abyss of hell, and being kept from falling into it, only by My forbearance.  But beware of My final for-BEAR-ance of wrath!


God’s Warning to the Wicked

Isaiah 66:24; Matt. 18:6-9; Mark 9:42-48; Luke 16:19-31


I the Lord am the only escape from that fire which is to come, a fire far worse than could ever rage in this world, an everlasting fire which is as inextinguishable as My just wrath against all wickedness. 


Why do I hate sin and perversion so much?  Because it destroys innocent souls whom I have made in My own image.  Daily I am grieved at the bloodlust of evil men.  By day and by night the cries of innocent babes and children arise to My Throne.  I hear the screams of tiny children victimized by  brutality and by the lust of men so evil they are beneath the vilest beasts of the earth.  I am well able to restore purity and peace in precious souls who had to suffer in such a world as this, but I can do nothing for those who refuse to forsake their sins.


I am very compassionate and merciful toward any and all who would repent and receive the gift of eternal life offered by My only begotten Son, Christ Jesus.  Come to Me in tears and sorrow of heart, you who have devoted your lives to crushing the poor and the weak underfoot.  Confess every known sin and I will gladly forgive you and receive you into My own family as one of My dear children.  You can make a fresh new start as the old you dies and you are born again to newness of life in Christ Jesus. You can begin life as a New Creation in Christ, once you have received Him into your heart by faith and  forsaken your old ways of sin.


To My utter sorrow of heart, all too few are willing to take Me up on this offer of clemency.  They are so very much in love with their filthy sins they are willing to risk eternal damnation by continuing in them.     I see many people in middle age and old age reminiscing with loved ones and friends about the pranks they pulled when they were young, the mean things they did to others in the name of “fun”.  These perverts still make sport of  the ones they victimized.  They laugh and joke about the lonely soul  they  singled out for derision and isolated in the freezing solitary cell of utter loneliness.


Well, I have news for such unrepentant sinners.  Hell is a furnace of fire.  But it is also a place of ice cold, utter loneliness.  Billions of bullies will end up in hell for their wickedness. Every last one of them imprisoned in that dark  region of torment will feel a rejection far worse than they inflicted on their fellow human being, and they will feel the icy cold of  desolate loneliness clawing at their cruel hearts. And the presence of other sinners in hell will provide no relief for their well-deserved punishment!


I say to such ones:  Don’t brag that you’ll be throwing wild parties in hell, and all your friends will be down there too.  When you’re crying with remorse and need comfort, they’ll be unwilling and unable to comfort you because they will also be in the same wretched state of torment. Love and caring will be totally absent in those who gave their whole lives to victimizing others. They will be utterly wrapped up in their own miseries. Every last vestige of civility will have faded from their personalities, and they will, in hell, be finally stripped of their masks.  Their wild savagery will be manifest for all to see, and by then they will be beyond all hope of redemption from a condition of sin which will be permanent. Every trace of what passes for goodness will be utterly gone like a mist faded away, for those debauched souls  will not have founded   their lives upon that One Whose righteousness alone is enduring.


When there are no innocent souls available for them to harass, the wicked will make each other’s hell  even worse by showing their true colors:  mean and selfish beasts who exist only to stoke the fires of their perverted lusts.


The worst punishment in hell is I won’t be around to comfort anybody who chooses  to go there!



Religious Wolves

Psalms 2:4; 37: 12-15; Proverbs 1: 24-32;

Ezekiel 5:11; 7:4 and 9; 8:18; Luke 10:25-37; Revelation 21:8



I say unto those who gathered like a pack of bloodthirsty wolves and laughed their victims out of school or out of the workplace:  I will laugh you out of My Kingdom when your day of reckoning comes.  In certain areas of the earth religious hypocrisy walks hand in hand with bigotry and cruelty.  Your religion is a sham, a farce, a thing spawned in the bowels of hell.  It is unacceptable to a holy God who demands purity in the inward parts. 


You go to so-called “church” just to be seen of men, just to advance socially with men or women just like yourselves.  You sing of your undying love for Me, but to this very day you laugh at the lonely, oppressed soul you singled out for derision when you were young.  You listen to spiritually dead sermons served up by spiritually dead clones in wooden pulpits.  You think you’re having a blast but I’ve got news for you:  You WILL have a big blast later on...in hell’s never-ending blast furnace for all eternity.


You think:  I’ll just go with the flow and I can repent safely on my deathbed when all my fun is done and nobody’s looking.  But in the day of your destruction I’ll just look the other way just like you looked the other way when bullied, abused people cried out for friendship and sympathy in the days of your youth.  You didn’t want to appear socially unacceptable or risk ostracism by helping them and making a stand against the evil in your school.  So now you are unacceptable to your own Creator and it is I who shall ostracize YOU!  When you cry out in your fear of the hell your dying eyes can see in the distance, I will only turn away My face from you just like you turned away your face from those who needed your help.


My eye shall not spare you, neither shall I take pity upon you.  Even if it was only passive bullying you committed as a religious hypocrite, you are just as guilty in My sight as the priest and Levite who ignored the cries of the man dying on the road and kept a “respectable” distance from him, refusing to be identified with him in his misery.  It was a Samaritan, an outcast from so-called respectable society, whom I used to keep the heart of the Law:  Whatsoever you would have men do unto you, do ye also unto them.


Refusing to befriend someone just because ostracism is the popular thing to do makes you very unpopular with your own Creator.  That is moral cowardice, plain and simple.  The courageous Christian might feel fear, but His love for Me overcomes that fear, so that he asks Me for the courage to go into the Lion’s den to rescue someone in danger of being ripped apart.  If the so-called Christian refuses to pray for the courage to do what is right and stand against wickedness in his own community, he is counted as a sinner in My sight and unfit for My Kingdom.  He is, in his own way, aiding and abetting My enemy, satan, and will share in the devil’s eternal punishment if he refuses to repent of his cowardice.









Continued in Chapter Six-Part 1