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Be Sure Your Sins Will Find You Out!



A world gone astray

From the Narrow Way

Shakes its fist at God

They skate on thin ice

In the heat of the night

As hell awaits red hot.


The decades roll by

God’s taken His time

To show the world Who’s boss

Cruel sinners are blind

To the Savior so kind

He died for them on the Cross.


They laugh and play

They act on the stage

Of an earth at war with God

They raise hell all day

And party away

And act to satan’s plot.


The old man’s got beer

We’ll party right here

You know he’ll never miss it

I don’t give a hoot

About his dumb rules

So what if he throws a fit.


We’ll boogie all night

Go pick a few fights

Hang around and act cool

We’ll hassle that dweeb

Until he leaves

And doesn’t come back to school.


That girl over there

With funny hair

This is gonna be fun

It took just six guys

To make her cry

WE’RE the ones who won!


Let’s go roll some bums

Hey, man, that’s KID stuff

Let’s split, I saw some cops

The gang’s got the stash

We’ll make some quick cash

There’s lots of ways to rob.


WE’RE in control

Let’s hit the road

Let’s give the cops a chase

I snuck out dad’s booze

Let’s take a wild cruise

This dune buggy sure can race!


Just look at this paper

On the windshield wiper

What weirdo left it here?

How square can you get

This paper says

That there’s a judgment to fear.


Christ came down to die

To pay my fat fine

Accept Him or go downstairs

I’ve been a bad guy

But had a fun life

We’re young, what do WE care!


Their jokes can’t be mentioned

But they turned the ignition

They made the stupidest sounds

The driver yee-hahed

And said “no” to God

Then passed the bottle around.


The guys all got plastered

Their dune buggy shattered

On the wrong side of a red light

What terror ensued

When those tattooed dudes

Realized that they’d died.


How many years

Have I been down here?

It’s true what that church paper said

My sins found me out

‘Cause I turned Christ down

And now all my hopes are dead.