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About My Time-travel Novel


By Patricia Backora


Every victim of injustice wishes he could go back in time and make old wrongs right.  Sandy Girard Franklestone, a fitness instructor/martial artist, has a paranormal experience where she goes back to the year 1985 to defend her younger self against school bullies.  Sandy (alias Cindy Franks) gets a temporary job at her old high school.  Mentored by her martial arts instructor, Tojo Wakasaki, Cindy formulates battle strategy to thwart the worst of the attacks and put evil Brad Bullard in his place.  Cindy  discovers that bad attitudes deeply ingrained in the adults in Little Sandy's life are harder to defeat than the physical acts of violence perpetrated against her.


My own experiences with being bullied at school, and especially the ongoing problem of school bullying in today's schools, inspired me to write the book.  I did some research on the Internet about the language and teenage fashions of the 80's, and some on martial arts moves. Cindy hates violence but she must sometimes use force to prevent people she loves from being hurt.


I learned that part of the inner healing process we go through must be achieved by sharing the wisdom we gain through pain.  Sandy realizes what it cost her (her feeling of childhood innocence) to go through bullying, and she fights on to try to justify the cost of what she had to become to grow stronger. She realizes that bullying is not just a kiddie game but a CRIME, and part of her mission is to make bullying illegal in the future.


Because of difficulty in finding a traditional no-fees print publisher, I have made this book available for FREE online reading so its crucial messages can get out.



If you’d prefer to read this book on a Kindle or other epub reader, you can purchase it as an ebook through one of the following links:








For further information about the novel:




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