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Kids who go to school to hurt other kids should be at the receiving end of pain...a  constructive kind.  Hardened bullies have forfeited the right to free public education by abusing the privilege of going to school with civilized people. I know it’s against the law to swing the Board of Education anymore, but bullies should suffer the pain of expulsion.  One sad case of expulsion happened in the Bible. The patriarch Abraham had two sons, one by his legal wife and the other by his concubine, or servant wife. Sarah, unable to have children, had a surrogate son by Hagar, her slave girl. When Ishmael was about thirteen, Isaac was born to aged Sarah.   Ishmael persecuted his tiny little brother at his weaning party  (Gen.21:9; Gal.4:29). Scripture is scant on details, but Ishmael’s hostility probably resulted from jealousy.  Before Isaac’s birth, Ishmael had been Abraham’s sole heir.  But now he had been supplanted by some new kid on the block! Sarah nipped the situation in the bud before Hagar’s son could pose a serious threat to her son’s safety.  Abraham had to banish his older son and concubine from the camp to keep peace in his family (there’s been war going on between the descendants of these two sons for 4,000 years ever since!).


Bullies who refuse to mend their ways must be denied access to fresh victims. The government should set up special delinquent schools for expelled bullies who still want to get educated. Put ‘em to work to earn the education they might have had for free.  Our streets are fouled by their garbage. Set ‘em to work cleaning the streets, scrubbing off grafitti, doing landscaping.  Then those unholy terrors will be too worn out to get into so much trouble!


I know this will never happen, but there ought to be Christian  youth reformatories whose sole mission is to correct wayward youth.  Such reform schools would feature mandatory instruction in the Bible and a disciplined lifestyle (lights out at least by three a.m.,  up by ten and no Nintendo).  Punishment of punksters would be swift and certain.  It would adhere to a set of firm, but humane guidelines. Even if corporal punishment were prohibited, other punishments could be meted out. If taking away their candy allowance is too harsh a punishment, how ‘bout making trouble-makers shift a big sand pile from one end of the field to the other, shovelful by shovelful? Or being assigned to six months’ latrine duty, scrubbing showers and toilets?


Teenage terrors have no compunctions against mugging a ninety-year-old granny to grab her handbag, but would they be so brave if a 240-pound, 6-foot-6 Marine drill sergeant took them on? It would be ideal if reform schools  were staffed with such sergeants (in between other wars)  They would     straighten out punkster boys (girls would be trained by female staff). The kids would be taken on scenic nature hikes in the wilds (not in downtown L.A.). They would be taught survival skills so they don’t have to survive on some old lady’s bus fare anymore. And if they gave any lip, the drill sergeant  would make them haul a ton of sand up the mountain slope. The kids would learn teamwork.  They would learn to work with other people without fighting.  And if moving rockpiles didn’t tame the wild beasts, they would do time out in the brig (without Playboy Magazines to read while they’re sitting in the corner).


All kidding aside, I expect a lot of kid-glove softies will call me a meanie for saying tough problems call for tough solutions.  But banishing dangerous incorrigibles  from law-abiding society is Biblical, even New Testament.  In I Corinthians Chapter 5 Paul instructs church members to disfellowship wicked members who refuse to repent. Why?  To prevent reprobates from infecting the rest of the church with sexual sins, dishonesty,  drunkenness, etc.  Violent behavior is every bit as bad as these sins.  One bad bully can easily escalate to a gang of criminals who make school sheer hell for others and keep them from learning.


Putting a kid through public school didn’t used to be so bad, but it’s getting to be the next worst thing to hell.  From the age of five the indoctrination starts.  You’ve gotta have this, you’ve gotta act this way, respond to people that way.  And if you don’t, the bullies are watching you, and you’ll be next.  Well before a child is old enough to get zits he’s had a warped sex education on TV and on the playground, and he’s pressured to be among the first to lose his virtue (which he’s brainwashed into thinking is a dread disease) and it doesn’t matter who robs them of it, just so long as they can say it’s happened. My heart truly goes out to Christian parents who are trying to raise their children to live decently in this  degenerate world, one that could make Sodom blush. Good, decent Christians don’t want the world to rob their little children of their innocence.   I hope and pray the Rapture of the Church occurs before another generation of newborn babies has time to be born and grow into adolescence!


Or worse yet, old age. Pity the elderly too.  I was  saddened to read  of the tragic death of an 86-year old Englishman.  For two long years he had been subjected to  fiendish psychological torment by a gang of teenage vermin.  His crime?  He was blind, as well as elderly. Satan incites bullies to despise and abuse the defenseless.


Demon-driven kids threw rocks  at the old man’s house and called him names.  They  put obstacles in his yard to make him trip whenever he went outside for a stroll. Even if they had done nothing worse, they would still have deserved God’s punishment. Leviticus 19:14 warns against cursing the deaf, or placing stumbling-blocks before the blind.  Deuteronomy 27:18 says: Cursed is he who makes the blind to wander out of the way.


Those foul devils are under a curse! Not only did their victim have to bear the heartache of blindness, but his tormentors made his life hell.  In due course they will reap what they have sown. And no, God won’t let them off just ‘cause they’re under 18!  God is not a politically correct, limp-wristed powderpuff politician!


Emboldened by the lack of consequences for their earlier harassment, those creeps converged on the old guy as he began his daily walk to the corner market.  According to two teenage witnesses, they encircled him with their mountain bikes, called him foul names and made obscene gestures.  After he waved his cane at them and told them to go away, a boy kicked him in the leg and made him fall. One girl told the boy to stop.  His reply? “I can’t.  This is too much fun!”  It’s cool to be cruel.


The inquest was “inconclusive”.  There was, they said, no substantial evidence to link the bullying with the man’s death. His many relatives were enraged that those devils had gone unpunished. I find it baffling that more wasn’t done to protect the poor man from the bullies during the two years they carried out their hate campaign against him.  Perhaps surveillance cameras could have been installed on his property to glean evidence to use against the delinquents. Had he been wealthy, he could have had  his own  personal bodyguard or lived in a gated community dotted with mansions nestled in a floral paradise.


What a shame satan’s servants have the upper hand. Society is at the mercy of  incorrigible youth nurtured on a diet of Hollywood sewage. Today’s dimwitted policy is to let kids trash the neighborhood   any old way  they please.  The killers are just  impressionable babies, after all, the poor little sweetie pies.  A bit of discipline  or a term at a youth “brat camp” would only damage their precious little psyches for life.  Heaven forbid that you should subject them to a day in court. And don’t surround yourself with guard dogs to  ward them off.  You could get sued for defending yourself against those cute little cuddlies who are only expressing their individuality!


Hogwash!  Those animals who drove that poor old man to his death are first-degree murderers, plain and simple.  They, like the cat torturing the mouse, killed him by inches.  Just because it was “fun”, and wouldn’t cost them much even if they got caught.  A few months behind bars is a bargain price for such a high.


But I’ve got news for those thugs. Almighty God has already condemned those sacks of sin to the Lake of Fire! And believe me, not even the slickest lawyer could shorten God’s sentence! Most people think that if there is a future judgment, that our guilt or innocence before God will be established then and there. But Scripture shows that the awful Judgment Day of sinners will only ratify what was already established in their lifetimes. John 3:18 warns that sinners are ALREADY condemned to perdition because of their rebellion against God and rejection of His Son.    Bullies try to pack as much deviltry into life as possible before they must finally stand before God for judgment. Basically people aren’t sinners because they sin, but they sin because they are born sinners.   I believe there must exist a  “mean gene” or “cruelty chromosome” which was passed on by Adam and Eve to taint the souls of all mankind.  God is Love, so to rebel against Him is to choose hatred.


Those kids are  probably gloating over getting away with it even now, but they’re more blind than their  victim  was.  Too blind to see  they are sitting on the death row where all unrepentant sinners are consigned.  Only the Blood of Jesus can reprieve a condemned sinner from his date with eternal death in hell. And I wouldn’t bet one nickel they’ll ever be saved unless they’re exposed to a little tough love.


Years ago, if a brat  raised hell in a supermarket, his parents would smack his bottom once or twice to subdue him.   Today,  kids must be given free rein to express their  feelings, even if they ransack the potato chip aisle and rip open every bag.  Sometimes a kid’s screams will reach a blood-curdling pitch before his passive parents pick him up to try to calm him.  They’re afraid to do anything to cross the little tyrant, even look like they’re upset with him. They’re scared stiff they’ll be arrested for child abuse if they give him a quick swat on his Seat of Education.  What are the fruits of permissive child rearing?


In a word: anarchy. Where there is no restraint, chaos reigns, whether in society at large or in the home. In England, youth crime is endemic.  Gangs of kids as young as ten boldly  torment elderly people in quiet neighborhoods, shouting insults and hurling bricks through windows, fully expecting to get away with it.  One 62-year-old lady died from the prolonged stress she was subjected to by little thugs.  Surprisingly, they were rounded up and indicted for manslaughter.  Had they been younger than ten, they would have been “incapable of committing a crime”.

I stick faithfully to the King James Version of the Bible, for its God-given answers have not been revised to conform to this politically correct age. I want to hear what God really has to say about unruly youth.    The Prophet Isaiah warned  God’s people of  the consequences of falling away from God as a society.  Isaiah 3:5 states: And the people shall be oppressed, every one by another, and every one by his neighbor.  The child shall behave himself proudly against the ancient, and the base (vile person) against the honorable (KJV). The Good News Bible reads: Everyone will take advantage of everyone else.  Young people will not respect their elders, and worthless people will not respect their superiors.

The two versions differ greatly in their rendering of verse 12: As for My people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them (KJV). Good News reads instead:  Moneylenders oppress My people, and their creditors cheat them.  I put more credence in the first translation.


That’s very significant to me, the wide discrepancy between the two renderings of the same verse.  The second translation smells strongly of mistranslation to appease the politically correct crowd. Deliberately altering Holy Writ to conform to the ethos of the times is a serious sin (Rev. 22:18-19). Today, teachers and parents  are oppressed by foul-mouthed, vicious brats they are forbidden to discipline, or even  sternly rebuke.  As for the second part of the verse, I do know that a man who rebels against God’s divinely ordained order for the home is more apt to be dominated by a strong-willed woman willing to fill the vacuum of authority.


It is politically incorrect to cite that Scripture which declares that “women shall rule over them” as one of the tragedies of modern society, but whenever a man  refuses to shoulder his responsibilities as a strong father-figure, he automatically  creates confusion in the minds of his sons, who ought to learn from him what true masculinity is.  Nothing is sadder to see than a wimpy, hen-pecked father who lets his wife (or his child’s buddies) bear the entire burden of teaching values to the kids.  Or worse yet, a man so unstable that he trades partners (it used to be wives!) in for newer models as regularly as he shops for new cars.  Most pathetic of all, I believe, is the young stud who begets babies like a corn popper; children he has not intention of supporting, leaving their poor mothers  to cope however they can. This is doubly difficult for a woman or girl who doesn’t know Christ.


How sad, to read about kids who don’t know how to interact in a civilized way with others  because they were raised with no spiritual guidance. Children’s souls must be cultivated with the principles of God’s Word if parents want them to grow up to be loving, decent, considerate adults. You can’t just wish for potatoes to sprout up in your patch.  You must seed it, weed it, and water it, and keep pests away before you’ll be rewarded with the desired crop. If you don’t cultivate the character of your child the devil surely will.


Deprived of decent role models, and alienated from older males, young boys learn all about “masculinity” out on the street. Firm  discipline in homes and schools is outdated.  It is  now considered a violation of the civil rights of children. In today’s wimpy world, “there are no absolutes.” Growing up I watched innocuous shows like Lassie and Leave it to Beaver.  Cheesy by today’s standards, but at least old-fashioned TV moms looked and acted  like mothers instead of wannabe 10-year olds stud-hunting in halter tops and hot pants. In the good ol’ days the most shocking thing a kid would see is Beaver  agonizing over whether to fess up to some lie he told his cookie-baking mom.  But today kids are treated to trash TV, with its endless images of immorality, perversion, family breakups, nudity and bloody violence. And if they get bored with TV, their computer games are on standby to gratify their insatiable appetite for sadism,  blood, lust and murder. Reality TV shows are dirtier than ever before.


God wants everyone to know that He is going to judge the greedy producers of film violence and His wrath will one day fall upon all who have made their fortune by corrupting entire generations of youth. Demonically-inspired entertainment teaches  kids that it is fun to torture and kill. The blood of dead victims of bullying is on the hands of peddlers and producers of pretend violence!


It is the job of the Holy Spirit to convince people of their sins, and their need for a Redeemer.  I’d say that more than ever before in all the sordid history of mankind, He faces a formidable challenge, and He really has His work cut out for Him. I certainly can’t deprogram hardened sinners brainwashed by Babylon!  Whenever a sinner discovers he’s a sinner in these darkened days, it is always a miraculous act of the Spirit of Grace.  After all, this is a world where right and wrong no longer exists, and if it feels good, it IS good! How can people be sorry for their sins when satan has convinced them  that sin is an outdated myth?