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Hooded Vipers Headed for Hell 


My Narrow Way to Life has been broadened until it’s wider than an 8-lane highway. Easy believism toward God to be (barely) converted and easy forgivism toward unrepentant sinners.  Not only are Christians expected to “forgive” even the vilest unrepentant criminals, they aren’t even supposed to warn them of the doom to come upon all who reject the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  A “love” that demands nothing of sinners and teaches unconditional acceptance by God constitutes the modern apostate “bring ‘em in and recruit more members” gospel.  “You’ll attract more flies with honey than vinegar,” many say, in excusing the watering down of the Gospel message.  But do I need flies in My House, saith the Lord?


Even the apostle Peter, who patiently suffered many things from evil men warned them of My wrath to come.  He warned them of perdition (2 Pet.3:7).  Peter outright called the rebellious Jewish leaders of his day the betrayers and murderers of his Master, he didn’t softsoap his words in the interests of “reaching out the olive branch of peace”. Peter did not soften the impact of  his hard-hitting evangelistic sermons with “Jesus loves you just the way you are.”


Christ called the religious leaders of His day serpents, hypocrites and vipers (Matt. 23:13-33). No, He didn’t soften the impact of His denunciation with gentle reassurances of My alleged unconditional love for all men.  “God loves everybody the same regardless of what they’ve done” is a false deceiving doctrine of devils to lull unrepentant sinners and backsliders to sleep  (see Psalms 5:5; Rom.9:13). Even John, the apostle of love, drew a distinction between the children of God and the children of the devil (I John 3:10). 


The doctrine of the Brotherhood of All Men sounds nice, but is found nowhere in My Word.  It is a deception of satan, and part of the groundwork he’s laying for the coming One World Government of the Antichrist. If you’re a Christian believer, you’ve got a different daddy than that drug dealer down the street. Paul called Elymas the sorcerer a child of the devil (Acts 13:10). Jesus called the wicked Pharisees children of satan without apologizing for it (John 8:44).  John the Baptist and Jesus both warned people that they would be bound up and thrown into hell if they didn’t repent of their sins (Matt.3:10,12; 7:19; 13:41-42; Mark 9:43-48; Luke 13:3,5). John the Baptist didn’t emphasize a cost-free love in his messages.  The love of God is a true doctrine, and none of you would be saved today unless I’d first loved you.  But NOT ONE sermon on the love of God is attributed in Scripture to the fiery preacher John the Baptist.  Yet My own Son called John the greatest man born of woman up until that time (Matt.11:11).


Today in the earth the Lord your God sees a rerun of Sodom.  Once again, people are obsessed with lust for money, excessive eating, drinking sprees, carousing, fornicating, swindling.  But even worse than these sins of the flesh is the spirit of murder saturating inner city areas and even communities which once were oases of relative calm and security.


Old people out taking their daily walk must keep an eye out for gangs of hooded youths just ahead.  They, in fear for their lives, will usually take a detour to avoid passing by clusters of wild kids, even if the old person is on medication and needs to get home by a certain time.  Yes, My people, what used to be an irritating nuisance is escalating into murder and threats of murder.  Young people particularly, emboldened by satanic video games and trashy movies, do not hesitate to accost and violently assault lone strangers weaker than themselves.


One old man got tortured for twenty (20) years by two generations of youth. He finally fell over and died from heart exhaustion from two decades of stress and fright.  The first bullies grew up and taught their own sons to torture the same man by destroying his property, jeering at him, throwing rocks and making them miserable.  Whereas community bullying and targeting the weak used to be generally a “one-off” offense here and there, saith the Lord, now it is a pre-calculated pogrom of destruction handed down from father to son.  I shall see to it that none of the men and boys who did this to this poor elderly gentleman will die a peaceful death. I will heap upon them the harvest they’ve sown and shall cause a lingering plague of sickness to come upon them unexpectedly.  And as for the police, who KNEW who the perpetrators were, but were too “nice” to get tough with those evil snakes, they will live to see Tribulation Wrath envelop the whole planet from the hand of Almighty God, Who is coming from on high to punish the nations for their iniquity (Isaiah 13:11).  Limp-wristed public officials who handed out laughable sentences to perpetrators of abuse and violence will receive from My hand the very sentence they should have imposed on the old man’s tormentors from the very beginning.


I said in My Word, he who spares his rod hates his own son.  Godly discipline of wayward youth is now against the law in most Western nations.  Devilish children are allowed by public officials to run wild, tear up neighbors’ yards, and make people too scared to go out to shop for essentials.  Through my prophets I pronounced judgment upon rebellious, backsliding Israel for denying justice to the innocent, for prosecuting the righteous, and for declaring the guilty innocent for reward (Isaiah 5:23). These very same sins are being committed today by lax, greedy high officials who have no stomach for doing what is good and right to protect society.  Those who refused to intervene to protect innocent life from destruction have innocent blood on their hands, just like the two generations of hooded hoodlums they defended from justice.  And on the Day of Judgment, surely I the Lord, Creator of heaven and earth, will require justice for every moment of anxiety, every hurt and injury, every insult and for the ultimate destruction of this poor man’s life.


If a potential victim is handicapped or “sticks out” for some reason, they attract the attention of these thugs who despise another soul I have created in My own image.  Sometimes the abuse doesn’t consist of a single mugging, shooting or beating.  Sometimes, like a cat torturing a mouse, the targeted individual or family gets picked on with years of regular, systematic prolonged emotional abuse or threats of physical violence.  Their property gets smashed and if they confront the vandals, they might get beaten to death or stabbed. 


Why?  Because the law of the land has no teeth in it. Often it’s on the side of the offender, not the victim. People get prosecuted for protecting their vulnerable loved ones from armed intruders, even late at night. Instead of being charged with murder, or at least involuntary manslaughter, a convicted teenage felon gets slapped on the wrist by an apathetic state with no will to keep order in the community.  But those who forget to pay their taxes are swiftly dealt with by the same officials who have a thousand reasons why they couldn’t intervene in a life-threatening crisis situation.


The unutterable wickedness of today’s rotten culture of moral corruption and violence is rising as a stench up to My Throne.  I hear the sneers and jokes of those who get off lightly while bereaved parents and spouses weep.  Is easy, instant “forgiveness” called for in such cases?  A thousand times NO!  Youth offenders who either kill or torment someone else to their death are guilty of first-degree MURDER in My sight and no law on earth can wipe their slate clean by stating that they “knew not what they did”.  They commit these horrible crimes because there is no fear of immediate retribution.  They get what they see as free entertainment, knowing they’ll get out of jail in mere months even if convicted of an offense.


Some of these vipers cover their heads with hoods like a deadly cobra.  Some of them even mask their faces.  But the Lord God sees behind their disguises and is taking note of every wicked deed they commit.  And on the day of judgment not only will this evil generation of vipers and children of the devil be sent to the Lake of Fire to burn forever, so will their criminally negligent parents and guardians who taught them to use foul language and turned a blind eye to their violence.  I have reserved fearful punishments for evil men who produce and profiteer from pretend violence and for creators of ugly, blasphemous computer games and videos which promote fornication and the shedding of innocent blood.


I am about to remove MY own precious  children from this evil sphere, which is a blot in My universe headed for a painful period of tribulation judgment.  I know who belongs to Me and who doesn’t, and once I take My own children out, all hell will break loose on this planet. Satan will have a blast during the Tribulation. Those hooded thugs will have one perpetual party, burning and looting and scaring people while corrupt police turn a blind eye and pocket bribes.  They’ll think their perverse fun will never end.  Until My decreed judgment plagues are unleashed onto the earth.  Deadly scorpion-like creatures will torment mankind who reject My Son. Unregenerate evil men will seek death but will not find it (Rev.9:1-12).  Disease epidemics and famine will sweep the world.  Drinking water will be contaminated (Rev.16:4).  No longer will I bless foul-mouthed sinners with daily food and clean water.  But I will reserve these blessings only for My children who repent and believe on My Son Jesus. 


Today satan is unleashing much misery in communities all over the earth.  Parents who refused to raise their children to be decent and godly have spawned a generation of poisonous vipers who are attacking law-abiding citizens and keeping them afraid and miserable.  The devil knows what he’s doing.  It isn’t just that satan takes pleasure in terrorizing people with juvenile hoodlums.  He’s deliberately creating a CLIMATE OF FEAR which will help usher in the totalitarian government of the Antichrist.  Fearful, crime-weary people will easily be persuaded that micro-chipping the population is one of the key answers to controlling criminal activity in the earth.  Those deceived by the Antichrist will do anything to feel a little safer and will gladly submit their forehead or right hand to the chip gun, as if they were a pet someone needs to keep track of. This MARK OF THE BEAST, if taken by any person, will result in their eternal damnation.


Do not be deceived, My people.  Prayer in the Spirit and spiritual warfare, in combination with standing on victory promises of My Word will help you stand until I come to take you home to heaven  I will defend My own even when the whole world around you is going crazy with fear.  If it’s bad now it’s going to get infinitely worse during the Tribulation Period when Mr. 666 grabs the reins of power.  One reason people will love this evil man is he’ll promise to do something about preventing and punishing crime and making people feel safe and secure.  But in accepting him, people will be selling their own souls to the devil. All crooked politicians make promises to get elected, and they usually either break those promises or keep them half-heartedly. Antichrist’s primary concern won’t be the happiness and welfare of the people.  Instead, he will focus on maintaining his grip on power and defending his kingdom from competitors in various parts of the earth.  Meanness and cruelty are going to be far worse then.  Satan’s motto is survival of the meanest, strongest, richest and most powerful, and weak people are expendable.  During satan’s brief reign on earth, there will be a shortage not only of basic food, but of love and charity, except among Tribulation believers in Christ.


The Four Horsemen of Revelation are about to ride the earth. The heavy curtain dividing the Church Age from the Tribulation Period is about to fall abruptly, not gradually.  It will snuff out the last rays of day and the gross darkness of a long, terrifying night  will cover the earth (Isaiah 60:2).  So get ready, My people, to meet your Maker, and rejoice that once you’re in heaven, you’ll never again have to live in the midst of evil sinners.


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