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Free advice from an attorney. Much of this advice will seem obvious. However, most people never do it.

Anyone who is a victim of bullying should do the following:

1. Immediately contact the police dept. and file a complaint against the person or persons who are guilty of the bullying. Request an order of protection signed by a judge against each person who committed any criminal act.
2. The biggest problem with people who are victims of crimes is that they fail to create the record for future reference and as fact based evidence of the crimes.
3. Keep a diary of all events.
4. Keep a timeline of events.
5. Write down all names, addresses, and telephone numbers of all perpetrators of the bullying.
6. Contact child protective services and file a complaint against all school officials who have control over students during the day.
7. Know that most schools and school officials will do nothing. Do not depend on them. They live to cover-up and conceal acts of crime that occur within schools. Schools are not exempt from criminal activity. However, school officials over the years have tried and continue to try to keep legal officials out of the schools. Many schools have a policy of not reporting criminal acts. Bullying is a criminal activity. It is not innocent play.
8. The people who bully are not first time and one-time offenders. They typically have a past of bad behavioral activity.
9. Write letters to the school and inform them of the facts of the incidents of bullying. Send all mail by certified mail, return receipt requested. Send letters to teachers, principals, assistant principals, superintendents. Follow up every meeting with a letter. Do not permit the school officials to control the setting of meetings. Demand action. Demand an action plan.
10. Get the victim of bullying some professional counseling.
11. Retain a lawyer and have the lawyer contact the school in writing.
12. Retain an attorney to write letters to the parents of the bullies.
13. Contact the press. Inform the press of bullying incidents.
14. Take children out of school if you believe that the environment is unsafe.
15. Protect yourself. Students today are outrageous and very dangerous. They carry weapons and will not refrain from making you another victim.
16. Talk to all friends of the victim and find out what occurred.
17. Obtain affidavits from all witnesses to the acts of bullying.
18. Hire a private investigator.
19. Verify all facts.
20. Contact the local town prosecutor and county district attorney and inform them of the bully incidents.