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Excuses, excuses for the mess you made
Back when you played but never prayed.
You KNOW your religion was just a show
As you lived for the devil down there below.

Time to review your wretched life
Those sins you committed before you died
I can’t relent, you refused to repent
My blood can’t cover your cherished sins.

You swore you loved Jesus as you snored in your pew
But My Word didn’t mean all that much to you.
I’ll go with Him, with Him, all the way
You sleepily sang on Revival Day.

But along came Monday, and off came your mask
Sunday School’s over, you’re just one of the lads
No one SAW you join in their fight
But you turned a blind eye
To the victimized guy
As you passed by on the other side.

Your smile was sly as you sipped on your milk
Hearing your buddies boast of foul thrills
How they ganged up on a guy they’d knocked down
You found it so funny you laughed like a clown.

Tell me more, the REAL YOU implored
I’d kick people too but I love the Lord
It wasn’t MY hands that made spit balls
MY feet didn’t make him fall in the hall.

You never told your pals about Christ
Following Me wasn’t worth the price
Ashamed to be called a preacher’s kid
You followed the pack of wolves in your midst.

Embarrassed by your dad’s profession
You daily denied your own conversion
You danced to the tune
Played for you by fools
Ashamed to pray over lunch at school.

Lord, I’m at SCHOOL! I can’t act weird
I’ve gotta conform to the crowd while I’m here
When in Rome do like the Romans do
I’ve gotta be cruel, because it’s COOL!

They mocked a girl whose legs weren’t straight
They tortured a guy who was overweight
They shot rubber bands at the new kid in school
But you turned a blind eye to be a cool dude.

Day by day your dark side grew bolder
Day by day you grew deader and colder
Your parents dragged you along to church
Making excuses for the people you hurt.

You joined in the giggles and finger-pointing
Lots of church-going but no anointing
You snickered as hell’s fires flickered
Wounding the weak made YOU feel bigger!

Oh, but you never struck with your arm
But your cruel words did deadly harm
Two hours a week you’d yawn in your pew
Your Sunday suit hid your rotten fruit.

Preacher’s kid, do you know what you did?
You can’t defend your terrible sin
You swapped your heavenly heritage
For an ugly mess of devil’s pottage.

As you gathered to feast on Thanksgiving Day
Did you give God thanks you were spared the pain
Of the outcast kid who ate lunch alone
As cruel kids carved slices off his soul?

You couldn’t wait to get back to school
And hang out with all the other cool fools
YOU were the brains behind their work
The best-behaved kid at Stonewall Church.

You heartless sharks were out for blood
Satan said it was only fun
SOMEONE had to be sacrificed
It was only the pain of the other guy!

Let’s lynch King Kong in Study Hall
Before Coach comes to take roll call
I hate that skank, it’s got lots of zits
Let’s put red ants in the chair where it sits.
Ants in his pants are makin’ him dance
Meanness made YOU feel like a man!

Don’t let it sit near us on OUR bus
Get away! You ain’t human like us!
Preacher’s kid, watch where you sit!
The front of the bus is covered with spit.

Run for your life! It’s Frankenstein!
Hide your light, don’t let it shine!
Preacher’s kid, you brought shame on My Name
You said “amen” to their bully games.

Religion was fine but you ceased to be Mine
For Jesus’ love you had no time
On Sundays you sang your sorry songs
But the OTHER you to your buddies belonged.

Church was a drag, not worth getting up
No wonder, you went to a social club
Your daddy insisted you quietly sit
And play the part of a nice preacher’s kid
His social standing depended on it.

All your dad said was, Boys will be boys
My son has ALREADY made his choice
He prayed to be saved at the age of seven
My NORMAL son will make it to heaven.

One nice prayer doesn’t make a nice life
Living for satan can snuff out your light
You found it more fun to be one of the guys
And season your words with venom and spite.

I blame your dad for not blaming YOU
For not instilling the Golden Rule
So long as you didn’t break the law
You’d turn out all right, said your preacher pa.

You didn’t break the Law of the Land
There were no laws to protect that lad
You laughed at and tripped up on the stairs
You broke MY Law, but you didn’t care!

You sat in your chair and reminisced
Smoking a pipe in ignorant bliss
Boasting to grandkids of days gone by
You were one tough dude, never lost a fight.

Do your grandkids know you picked on girls?
That it took an army to crush one pearl?
How brave the brigade which gangs up on one
And slaughters a soul in the name of fun.

All you did was go with the flow
On that bus to hell many years ago
You zipped your lip when your buddies cussed
At a poor lonely girl who rode that bus
You wouldn’t speak up in her defense
As she dodged spit wads and cried and cringed.

Then YOU joined in and cursed her as well
You DOGS hounded her to the gates of hell
Her hurts just didn’t heal very well
She didn’t want to know YOUR Jesus
The Christ you DAILY denied on the bus!

Now you ask, Why dig up the past?
Must You rehash history that’s bad?
Why don’t You focus on GOOD things I did?
The part I played as a nice preacher’s kid?

Your dad preached plenty on love and peace
Kept sermons sweet to achieve unity
God’s anger faded away yesterday
Time heals all wounds, covers sin with grace.

What was wrong with your dad’s instruction?
I STILL remember Christ’s crucifixion
I STILL remember the Temple’s destruction
Time cannot cleanse away your sins!
The Blood of the Lamb cleanses those who repent.

But those in love with iniquity
Will never receive My purity
You wouldn’t surrender those sins to Me
You wouldn’t allow Me to set your soul free.

Why should I let YOU enter in
To dwell in a heaven which knows no sin?
You played the part of a pastor on earth
Your prestige depended on YOUR big church.

I watched the way you plundered the poor
You forced them to tithe to a lustful lord
A lord who drove a fancy Porsche
And ate fancy foods they couldn’t afford.

I keep meticulous records, you said
Those who gave most would surely get blessed.
Meticulous records I surely keep
I know how to sort the goats from the sheep
Your religion was fueled by pride and greed
Greed seeds planted in teen deviltry.

Coldly you shrank from the commoner’s touch
Their stuff was never fancy enough
You lampooned poverty from your pulpit
The poor felt like nameless, faceless, “its”.

There was a wide divide in YOUR church
Poor pew-warmers felt snubbed and hurt
By uppity ten-cent millionaires
Who ran committees with nose in the air.

One day you pinched your piano player
Your stance on divorce got softer and softer
You lost your love for Wife Number Two
Because she put on a pound or two.

I wasn’t deaf to your dirty jokes
The way you poked fun at homeless folks
I saw it when you hurt your third wife
The utter waste you made of your life.

A beautiful blond became your fourth wife
You started a fight on your wedding night
The wedding punch came when she complained
That your put-downs made her feel ashamed.

You hit the bottle when she left you
Pills and thrills kept your show on schedule
You blamed your wives for failing you
A fresh new image would increase revenue

A beauty your youngest daughter’s age
Stood by your side one night on the stage
Praise the Lord for meeting my need!
She’ll be a big blessing to MY ministry!

Makeup barely masked the bruises
She hit the deck on one of your cruises
The fifth in a long line of pretty props
She did her bit on your beg-a-thon.

Not too long before you died
You booted her off the bus of your life
Used and abused, the facts unfurl
You never did quit picking on girls.

I called you for years
But you turned a deaf ear
The choice I set before you was clear
Stop bragging about the sins of your youth
Repent and let Me make your heart new.

Tomorrow’s a better day, you’d say
I’ll squeeze into heaven in my own way.
No one must know I’m just a fake
God understands, all men make mistakes.

Afraid to offend the moneyed classes
You preached the god of fat finances
You deceived more souls than your father did
You threatened the poor with punishment
You preached a Jesus who charged them rent
The one you invented is nothing like Him.

YOUR god was power and praise of men
Poor folks would never God’s favor win
You fattened your lust off the fears of your flock
Either they gave or their names would get dropped
From YOUR church membership registry
As if they had spiritual leprosy!

Just like a bully to steal lunch money
You pounded the pulpit and said I’d punish
Christians who slacked off on offerings
Your life was wasted on worthless THINGS
Your faithless life was lived in vain.

I watched the way you soft-pedaled sin
And treated My Word as irrelevant
So much for all the “good” you bring
I can’t commend you for anything.

You compromised and taught dirty lies
You lied to yourself, My Truth you despised
Sinful companions molded your soul
Satan crept in and took control.

You felt like a very healthy guy
You thought you had ages before you’d die
So on the day I demanded your soul
Your cherished sins all took their toll.

Too cowardly to live for Me
Although you once swore you’d die for Me
Weak as water, you went with the flow
The flow of the Broad Way to hell below.

Now you’re clutching the hem of My robe
Begging Me for a blissful ride home
Though you denied a peaceful bus ride
To a girl you hurt and caused to cry

You say I should just overlook your past
Though in your life I always came last
Should I turn a blind eye
Like you did with that guy?
Do you REALLY expect to be justified?
You say you regret a lifetime of sin
But I regret you cannot come in.

Ashamed to confess My name before men
You never said you were sorry back then
All you want is to save your own skin
Depart, the Door of Mercy is closed
Lost souls have no access to My Throne.

You turned your back on God’s Holy Son
So now you know how it feels to be shunned
Cowardly bully, get out of My sight!
Eternal night for you haters of light.